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In AD 70, the Romans built two forts , one in the centre of Doncaster and the other in Rossington. It was a Flavian Auxiliary with a ‘vicus’ (a small settlement on the outside of the fort) The fort was in the built near the River Don in between two local tribes called the Brigantes and the Coritani. It was also placed on the main Roman road between the cities of York and Lincoln. The first fort was built from gravel and turf with wooden buildings inside and was about 5 football pitches long for 500 auxiliary soldiers to live there. Hardly any of the fort can be seen today, just a small part of one wall is left near Saint George’s Minster in the town centre. However, we do have evidence of the Romans living here, due to the finds of an altar, coins, pottery and a lime kiln.

Roman Roads

Danum Dagger

Hishani's Story

Name: HishaniAge now: 38Place of birth: Sri Lanka, GalleYear of birth: 1985Life in Sri LankaBefore moving to Doncaster, Hishani lived in a busy, major city in Sri Lanka called Galle. Galle is the second biggest city in all of Sri Lanka. As a child, her experience of living in Galle was amazing because she remembers her gorgeous, precious parents making tasty, delicious bread in her house. While in Galle, Hishani lived in 3 different houses. At school, she didn’t like playing. She liked learning. After she finished at school, she went to a medical school and passed the course she did. Then life changed and Hishani ‘s family had to leave Sri Lanka. Moving to DoncasterAfter she left Sri Lanka, Hishani moved to Doncaster with 3 young children. She moved to Doncaster in January 2022 and travelled by plane and by taxi. She moved to Doncaster because she needed to be trained in an NHS hospital. She looked forward to meeting new kind, best friends in her new home. When she came to Doncaster, Hishani felt cold and sad because she missed her warm home. However, she is now settled and happy.Life after the big moveWhile living in Doncaster, Hishani achieved a better job by becoming a stronger doctor. Her family had more money to live. Her new house is much smaller than her old one and she had to build her previous home by herself. Gladly, she didn’t need to build her house here.Hishani is happy and proud of her education.

Miss Topliss' Story

Name: Miss ToplissAge now: 32Interestingly, Miss Topliss was born in the UK and went to university in York. She now lives in a lovely, beautiful family house in Doncaster. She loved her university and living with her friends, but she was very pleased to live near her family again. Birth In 1991 Miss Topliss was born in Doncaster. She lived in Doncaster and moved to York for university. She lived in a beautiful, peaceful house with her mum and dad. Surprisingly, Miss Topliss moved to York to study primary school teaching. She loved York because she lived with her friends. Life in DoncasterAfter living in York, Miss Topliss arrived in Doncaster to start her teaching job in Plover school. Now, she lives with her partner and her cute, black dog called Rupert. Miss Topliss soon settled into her peaceful home.

There are three different reasons why the Romans came to Doncaster. They include the straight road in between York and Lincoln, being positioned between two tribes and the geographical location - next to the River Don.The Romans had already conquered York and Lincoln and had built a long straight road between the two places. By building a fort in Doncaster, they could break their long, tiring march from Lincoln to York.Another reason why the Romans came to Doncaster was because it was positioned in between two opposing tribes: the Brigantes and the Coritanis. The Romans were already teamed up with the Coritani tribe so Doncaster seemed like a peaceful place to build their fort.Our last reason is that the River Don runs through Doncaster so the Romans would have had a fresh water supply, been able to eat fish from it and use the water to help them grow their crops to feed their hungry soldiers.

Why did the Romans come to Doncaster?

Jeremy's Story

Name: Jeremy Age now: 45 Jeremy has lived in many different places including America, Indonesia, Sheffield and Doncaster. He was born in Kenya and moved to England for family support. Read on to learn about his life.BornInterestingly, Jeremy was born in Kenya, in the city of Nairobi. He was born in 1978, and is now 45 years old.Life in DoncasterJeremy moved to Doncaster in 2017 after living in Sheffield. He moved to Doncaster to save the scale of his house in Sheffield. He moved to his mother in-law’s beautiful, peaceful house. His home now is bigger and the garden is smaller. Interestingly, Jeremy has become an art teacher since living in Doncaster.

Omolola's Story

Omolola is an African mother of 3 kids and she is married to a man called Samuel. She moved to Doncaster so that her children could learn English. Originally, she is from Nigeria. Keep reading if you want to know more about her interesting life. Early lifeIn 1983, she was born in Lagos State in a big country called Nigeria. She lived with her two brothers and her only sister. In Nigeria, it was very hot because it is close to the equator. When she was young, she moved to Italy and lived there for 22 years. While she was there, she met her funny husband, Samuel and had three children. They stayed in a big flat on the third floor in Parma. Moving to DoncasterIn January 2020, she arrived in Doncaster. As previously mentioned, she came to Doncaster so her three loving girls could learn English because they were not very fluent Also she decided to move to be closer to her other relatives who also live lived in Doncaster. She travelled on a massive plane and a rusty, old train. She felt excited for the big move but because of covid the timing wasn't great. Life after the big moveWhen she first arrived in Doncaster, she was living with her brother. One of her children attended Plover school, one went to Intake Primary and the last one was too young to go to school. 10 months later, she was able to rent a small home in Intake and two years after that they moved to a more spacious house. Now, she is a registered childminder and looks after at least three children in one day, if not more. Although the weather is not always pleasant and she misses some of her friends back home, she has made many more friend and life in Doncaster is wonderful.

Myra's Story

Myra is a 68 year old caring grandma, mother and wife who moved to Doncaster because the coal mine industry was closing. Although Myra lives in Doncaster now, she moved from a place called Newport, Fife in the north of Scotland. If you want to know more about Myra, read on.Early lifein January 1955, Myra was born in a place called Newport, Fife in the north of Scotland. When Myra was 15, she lived in a messy flat with stairs on the outside. Unfortunately, her horrible, annoying neighbours threw parties every night and had lots of loud music. Shockingly, they once threw glass at her door! Everything was mainly ok, even though they couldn’t afford a full house. When she was roughly 20-27 she married Michale, a loving, caring man.Moving to Doncasterin 1967 there was one thing people made profit from the most which was the coal mines. Unfortunately, where Myra lived, the coal mine industry was disappearing at alarming rates so she packed her bags with Michale and said, “goodbye”. They travelled on an old, bumpy train. It took 2-3 hours to get there but it was all complete in one simple trip. In April 1967, she found where she’d go, it was Doncaster.Life in DoncasterWhen they arrived, she went to a place called Armthorpe and got a big, spacious four bedroom two storey house. During her time in Doncaster she made a couple of friends and her husband worked as a tour bus driver and… Now, she has two children and two grandchildren. She is now retired and plans to give her house to her grandchildren when she eventually dies. For Myra, she says “Doncaster has shaped my life like no other place has, Doncaster is my home”.

Daria's Story

Name: DariaAge now: 35Year of birth: 1988Life in PolandBefore moving to Doncaster, Daria lived in a flat with all of her siblings in a small peaceful town which was in Konin, Poland. When it was summer, she would love to go outside to the fun, sandy park with her siblings. Living in a flat was difficult for her and her siblings because they didn’t have much space. Surprisingly, Daria worked at a till in a shop in Konin. Moving to Doncaster Daria arrived in Doncaster in November 2007. She travelled to this unknown place by plane. After living in a flat for so long, Daria moved to Doncaster so she could get away from her brothers and sister. She also moved to Doncaster because she could be offered more job opportunities. However, Daria was really scared when she moved because she didn’t know how to speak English. When Daria first moved to Doncaster she sadly had to sleep on the floor.Life after the big moveAfter Daria moved to Doncaster, she achieved lots of things like finding a partner, having a family, getting her first pet and a very good job. Doncaster is actually less busy and a smaller city than Konin. Daria is happy there.Daria is actually still studying accountancy. Daria has two wonderful children.

Peter's Story

Name: Peter Age now: 40Place of birth: SlovakiaYear of birth: 1983Life in SlovakiaPeter’s life in Slovakia was calm and quiet. He lived in a very small apartment in Trencin. For a long time, he lived with his loving father because he didn’t have enough money to buy his own house in the town. However, Peter didn’t mind living with his dad because he had a really nice home. Trencin, where Peter lived since he was a baby, was a beautiful historical town. One of Peter’s favourite things to do was play ice hockey and he did this a lot until he had an injury. Sadly, this meant he couldn’t play ice hockey anymore. He did study ‘Sports’ at Grammar School for eight years though until he moved to Doncaster.Moving to DoncasterPeter moved to Doncaster in 2005. He travelled all the way by bus which took a very long time. He moved to Doncaster because sadly, he did not have any work in Slovakia. He also moved to Doncaster because he was feeling very lonely. Peter hoped he would find kinder friends in Doncaster than the ones he had in Slovakia. And he also hoped to find love. Even though he loved to visit his father with his sister sometimes, Peter was very excited to move to Doncaster because he had bought his own house for the very first time.Life after moving to DoncasterPeter has lived in Doncaster for a few years now. Whilst being in Doncaster, he has bought himself a house, got job and found love. Peter married Zuzana and they had two beautiful children. He found lots of new friends and is much happier now. Peter thinks his new house is much more comfy than his old home in Slovakia. It is bigger and he also has a bigger back garden for his dog (Luna). Peter really likes Doncaster mostly because it is a small, calm city.

Yasmin's Story

Yasmin is a 39 year old woman who came to Doncaster, England from Saudi Arabia. She came to Doncaster because her husband, Elsadig had work in Doncaster as a professional Doctor for the helpful, amazing NHS. She is a lovely mother with three children who are Aseel, Munzer and Sulieman. Read more if you want to know about Yasmin's life!Early LifeIn 1984,Yasmin was born in Saudi Arabia. She lived with her mum, dad, two sisters and three brothers. Later she met her husband, Elsadig and lived with her happy children Aseel, Munzer and Sulieman. She lived in an apartment in the East of Saudi Arabia near the lovely, sandy beach. Yasmin loved watching the sunset near the beach which she thought was beautiful and peaceful. While she was in Saudi Arabia, she loved visiting the holy mosque which is called Mecca.Moving to DoncasterWhen she arrived in England, she stayed for 5 days in her kind, generous friends big house in Slough. Because her children needed a school and for her husband to find work, they decided to move to Doncaster. In October 2020, Yasmin moved with her family to Doncaster by train from London. At the start, she felt really worried because it was her first time in the new city and it was hard to find friends. When she arrived in Doncaster, she was nervous about meeting new people but eventually she found a nice, caring friend called Amal.Life in Doncaster In Doncaster, her kids attended a good school called Plover Primary School. Also her husband found work as an important doctor in the NHS and she started training to become a doctor herself. She soon noticed a difference in the climate between Saudi Arabia and Doncaster. In Doncaster, the weather is often cool and cold, however, in Saudi Arabia it was really hot and dry. Yasmin preferred her house in Saudi Arabia because it was massive compared to the medium, normal sized house in Doncaster. After being in Doncaster for three years, she found it enjoyable and exciting. Her old life was not terrible but now it is fantastic because she has made lots of lovely friends and is comfortable.

Wayne's Story

Wayne works hard in a factory, making building materials, and lives in Doncaster. This is his story so far.BirthHe was born in Germany and lived with his Dad and his two brothers, one older and one younger,in a big flat, made of bricks with wood on the outside. This was in a big town.Coming to DoncasterHe lived in Germany because his dad worked there, and he needed to earn a lot of money for the family. On 24th May 1972 Wayne arrived back to Doncaster because he and the brothers missed seeing his mum. All the family, Dad, Wayne and his two brothers were excited when they moved house, because it was somewhere new and exciting to live and they could see their family. Wayne’s dad moved into a one bedroomed bungalow and Wayne and his family moved into a lovely 2 bedroomed house with a garden in Intake.Life after coming to DoncasterWayne sometimes misses Germany as he thought it was also a nice place to live, and has thoughts of returning one day as Germany had also given him a good life. He could speak to people quite easily as he knew enough of the language to get by.

Bharin's Story

Name: BharinAge now: 40Bharin was born in India Gujarat. He was born in 1983 and now he is 40. He came to Doncaster in a large, black van. He has lived in Leicester, but he migrated to Doncaster. The reason is because Leicester was really crowded and busy, so that caused traffic jams. Birth Bharin was born in Gujarat in India. He married in India with his wife, Nima. Then, Bharin decided to migrate to England. He came to England to study. A few years later, Bharin got a job as a factory man. He worked in a glasses factory. Life in Doncaster Bharin thought from London he could go to Leicester. In Leicester, Telford it was really busy.

Ilihami's Story

Amarildo is a migrant who was born in Permet, Albania and travelled to Doncaster to study English and for his wonderful marriage. If you want to find out more interesting facts about Amarildo, please read on!Early life In 1973, Amarildo was born in Permet, Albania. He lived in a dirty apartment where there were lots of annoying power cuts happening all of the time. Also there was only a small amount of water every day as the waters was only switched on for a short amount of time. As a result, there was not much water to drink, have a shower with or to bathe in. shockingly, there was no religion allowed which meant there was no Christmas. Amarildo couldn't Imagine living like this anymoreMoving to DoncasterBecause life in Permet was very horrible, he decided to move somewhere else. At first he didn’t know where to move to but then he thought of Doncaster. In !998, he moved to Doncaster for his marriage and to study English. He travelled to Doncaster on an aeroplane and by car. When he arrived in Doncaster, his house was very clean and big, with a back and front garden. Although he was really excited, he was also very nervous to go to a new country. At first, he even felt a bit homesick! He missed his family a lot but he thought that it was the best for him.Life after the big moveAfter he settled in, he started to learn to drive. Surprisingly, it was very difficult as he had to drive on the other side of the road. He also met an old friend that he had not seen in a long time from Albania. He noticed that it is much colder in the Uk than in his hometown, however, it is safe and he has better opportunities. He now lives comfortably with his wife and three loving children. Amarildo misses his family very much but in the summer holidays he often goes to visit his wonderful, caring family who have supported him since his big dramatic move from Albania to Doncaster.

Ilihami's Story

Ilhami was a free man in Doncaster. This is the story so far.BirthIlhami was born in 1977 where he lived with his mum and dad. He lived in a small village in Turkey where they lived peacefully and were not bothered at all. Coming to Doncaster.On 11th November 2011, Ilhami and his wife,Tuba, drove the long journey from Turkey to England. This was difficult because he was sad to leave the place he knew, but was welcoming a new future. Later he moved from London to Doncaster, fitting everything he owned in the car. Home Life Doncaster was fun, but he had to live in a wooden house, which was dark. He planted various vegetables to eat, and did lots more gardening, which he enjoyed doing. He made many good friends, and had some wonderful next door neighbours. He started to enjoy Doncaster and found it nice, exciting, but peaceful as well.AchievementsHaving a child - two children actually. The first baby was called Atlas and the second baby was called Almina. Nowadays he works as a delivery man and loves watching his son perform in plays.

Danum Shield

Ewelina's Story

Ewelina lives in Doncaster and works at a factory making meat. This is her story so far.BirthIn 1992, Ewelina was born at home in Poland. She lived with her mum and siblings. She has six brothers, one was called Micheal and four sisters, one called Anna and one of the others called Emily.Coming to DoncasterIn 2014, Ewelina came to Doncaster, where she soon realised It was cheaper to buy food and there were more jobs. She bought a house with four bedrooms and a big garden in Intake close to a school. Later, she got married to a man from Doncaster, who to her surprise, could speak Polish and in 2016, she had a beautiful baby girl. AchievementsShe has a little, brown dog called Cookie.