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Jake Lambe's Graded unit powerpoint pitch


Adult On-set ADHD

I am proposing an article about ADHD in adults, specifically those diagnosed with ADHD during adulthood to be published in The Guardian's Health section.13% of men will be diagnosed with ADHD in their lifetime, conversely only 7% of women will be diagnosed with ADHD. I will research into how a diagnosis in your adult years can affect you and what support is available to you. I have been being tested for ADHD for years and I'm still waiting.

I will conduct an interview with Michael Paget, a writer, recently diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood, only after going with a private healthcare provider.I will also interview Jane De Zutter, Learning Support and Develpment Advisor at City of Glasgow College. My interviews will add context and personal testimony from Michael Paget and provide professional opinion from Jane De Zutter.


The gender divide closes for adults diagnosed with ADHD. 3.2% for women and 5.4% for men

5.4% and 3.2%

7%of women will be diagnosed with ADHD in their lifetime


13% of men will be diagnosed with ADHD in their lifetime


Using interviews and research I will examine the problem of adult-onset ADHD to be printed in the Guardian. The purpose of the article is to question if we are doing enough or are we still ignoring the ‘problem child’ into their adolescence and adulthood.

The Guardian's readers tend to be left of centre and more progressive as compared to reader's of other publications. This article will appeal to your readers especially the younger demographic as many of them will have first hand experience with the issue, be it friends, family or themselves. The Guardian's readers largely reside in urban areas and so social issues are more prevalent and relevant to their lives.

Jake Lambe
Thank you for your time Mr Gregory.Any questions?