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Esto es un párrafo listo para contener creatividad, experiencias e historias geniales.


Analysis of action in my scence

About the author?

Logs/ characters backstory.

Character traits/intentions and motivations of my scene

Given circumstances

Productions/Reviews of the play

Main themes of the play

My inital opinion of 'Morning'?

About The Writer?


Simon was born 6th February 1971, Stockport Greater Manchester.He is a British-Irish playwright and professor at, Manchester Metropolitian Univeristy. He attended the Univeristy of York and graduated with a history degree. He lived in Edinburgh for several years whilst there he completed a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE). He taught on the Young Writers Program at the Royal Court, now is a the Artistic Associate at the Lyric Hammersmith; inaugrual assosciate playwright of Steep Theatre Company, Chicago. Because of this four of his plays; Motortown, Harper Reagan, Birdland and wastwater had U.S Premieres. Morning was premiered in 2012 at, Traverse Theatre directed by Sean Holmes. Simon was also part of a Scottish art punk band called County Teasers. Simon has a wife and 3 childen, Oscar 18, Stanley 5 and Scarlett 10 they reside in Bow, London. In an interview Simon states how he feels himself coming back to write a lot about similar themes he said, " I find myself returning again and again to writing about desire to leave or the possibility or impossibility of returning home. I write about absent mothers and damaged fathers. I write about drinkers. I write about transgressive love. I wrote sad plays in which children die off stage, scary plays in which children die on stage and love stories built upon daring." He told the interviewer.

Morning was written by Simon Stephens

My very first thoughts about, 'Morning' was that it was a very unsettling and intense! It talks about a teenage girl killing her boyfriend for no reason at all. It is a very raw and unfiltered depiction of teenage pyschosis. I thought that Stephanie's journey through mental turmoil is profoundly real and could've been uncomfortable for many watching. I found it somewhat confusing. I hadn't studied the play enough to understand the play to the extent that I could comprehend. I didn't understand the given cirumstances, resulting in me not comprehending why she was doing certain things. At the same time, I must say that I loved the realism it brought to the stage. It highlighted real life issues that teenagers face everyday, and how we aren't given enough attention resulting in mental health issues whithin the youth. Which can lead to younger people going down the wrong path, or looking to the wrong people for guidance and advice due to them feeling neglected or, ignored by their parents. Although, it is very disheartening and unsettling it makes the play so powerful and thought-provoking. Even though I found it intense and unsettling! I think that it had a way of opening a lot of peoples eyes. Simon Stephens knew what he was doing when writing this masterpiece. It intrigued me.

Very first thoughts about the play?

-The theme of guilt is explored a lot towards the end of the play. Stephanie, she starts to realise the severity of killling her boyfriend Stephan. It falls under the psychological aspect. 'I cant say, I cant say, I cant say, I cant say.' Shows her feeling bad about what she had done, but at the same time she's confused about what to do. She wants to tell people, but she knows she will get into trouble. This carries the weight of her remorse and the realisation of the impact of her actions. As it is seen as physcholgical it can also be seen as philosophical perspective, pondering on the nature of guilt and the impact on her existence. It is also social, as it reflects on how our actions affect others, and the world around her. Stephanie's actions lead to steep consquences that stir a deep sense of guilt within her.


-Simon takes us into the tumultuous waters of love. It explores love's duality- it can be both joy and the cause of melancholy. We see a lot of this through Stephanie and Cat's relationship. They share a bond that is potent and complicated. Their relationship is grounded by love, tainted by manipulation and a breach of trust. In scence 9, Stephanie quotes 'When they find you are you going to tell them what happened.' This is clear that Stephanie is being manipulative, trying to ensure Cat will keep her mouth closed about what she done to Stephan. I think it's because Stephanie has her own struggles with her emotions and identity which includes; Her mother dying from cancer; Her drinking problem and the weight of having to look after herself and Alex (younger brother). She uses Cat's affection towards her to her advantage. She weaves a web of deceit, making Cat feel utterly sorry for her. Which ends up in Cat sucking up to Stephaine's own needs and desires. Socially the theme of love shows us how our relationships and interactions can shape our understanding of ourselves and others. It reflects the difficulties of human connections and the impact it will have on social realities. Psychologically, love acts as a mirror to her inner self (Stephanie). It brought out her deepest desires, fears and vunerabilites. For Cat, I think it was more of a journey of self-discovery as she is leaving for uni to get away from everyone in her town she quotes."It doesn't matter I wouldn't change my mind. I'm not staying here under an cirumstances . It's horrifying. The whole town stinks of sugar. The shops are wretched. The people are mentally retarded. It's cold. You can't get any good stuff..etc." This is showing us that she wants better for herself and that she wants to leave the people she loves behind to do so. Stephanie feels a deep sense of alienation as her adolescent years came to an end. She feels a disconnection from her surrondings, her friends Anna and Cat even from herself. This feeling of isolation is a result of her internal turmoil, her guilt and struggle emerging identity. Her relationships with Cat and Stephan she feels distanced, unable to communicate her feelings. Her relationship with Cat is a reflection of her innocence, which she feels she has lost. Making it difficult for her to communicate her feelings. Stephanie sees Stephan a reflection of the adult world,a world she is not ready to embrace. She is on the verge of adulthood, yet she clings to vestiges of her childhood. Stephan, with his maturity and pragmatism is a reminder of the responsibilities and realities that come with growing up. This creates a divide between the two, a chasm filled with words, suppressed feelings. Stephanie find herself, unable to bridge this gap, her words lost in the void. Yet, she wishes he would understand, she pleas for a connection but her fear of the future keeps her isolated.

Love,Relationship and Alienation

I’m an awesome subtitle, ideal for giving more context about the topic at hand

Esto es un párrafo listo para contener creatividad, experiencias e historias geniales.

-The theme of death is portrayed as a powerful metaphor by Simon Stephens. It doesn't just represent the physical end of life, but more so a representation of the profound changes that characters, especially stephanie are going through. In a conversation between Stephanie and Cat, Stephanie askes Cat "He doesn't look sad at all does he?" Proceeds to ask her "What do you think it felt like being him?" This is telling me that Stephanie is feeling suicidal because of what she has done as well as Cat leaving, her mother passing away. This could also be linked to the guilt she's feeling maybe she thinks killing herself is the only way to make everything better not just for herself but for everyone around her including Cat. The death of childhood innocence is really important because it takes us through Stephanies actions, her rebellious nature and her complex relationships which all represent the death of her innocence and the step up to her adult self. Her transition into her womanhood is painful, filled with confusion, a desprate search for identity. Death in 'Morning' also represnts a reflection of the characters' internal struggles. Shown through their actions, words even their silent moments. It a poignant reminder of the inevitable end of things, the constant change that is part of life. Socially, death is presented through the breakdown of relationships for example, Stephan and Stephanie's. Mostly, Stephanie is drawn into a world where the rules she once knew no longer apply (at least in her head). This symbolises a social death, a uncertain reality. On a pyschological level, it manifests in the characters struggle with their inner demons especially, for Stephanie. As she seems to be the most emotionally and psychologically troubled. We slowly start to see the death of her innocence, before she even kills Stephan.


I’m an awesome subtitle, ideal for giving more context about the topic at hand

Esto es un párrafo listo para contener creatividad, experiencias e historias geniales.

-The theme of psychosis is expressed through Stephanie. The central character, Stephanie is described as being on the brink of stanity and insanity. This is shown through her interactions with others, through her monologue. We slowly see the unravelling of her mind the dive into psychosis. Stephanie is often seen going through her feelings of isolation, despair and confusion, which are symptoms of her psychological state. According to the NHS website quotes "Delusions-where a person has strong beliefs that are not shared by others." The NHS website also states, that psychosis can be triggered by numerous things such as Alcohol misue which we see a lot of in Stephanie's character; Stress caused by her mothers health and her having to take care of Alex. A traumatic event in this case it would be her fathers death as he died of a heart attack in fornt of her at the tender age 10. She is stuck between the realms of reality and her distorted perceptions, which in the end push her closer towards the edge of sanity. Socially this theme brings light to the stigma and misunderstanding that often surrounding mental health issues. It encourges the audencie to empathise, to understand and support those going through a lot. It could also maybe make the audeince reflect on their own struggles,hardships they have been through or going through. When Stephanie says, "She'll be dead soon. It'll be a lot easier when she is." It's telling us that she doesn't really want her mum alive, or she is just fed up of looking after her because she think her mum should be looking after her, not the other way around. Her thinking like this says a lot about her psycolgical state.


I’m an awesome subtitle, ideal for giving more context about the topic at hand

Esto es un párrafo listo para contener creatividad, experiencias e historias geniales.

The Yard Theatre, London 2019
German Theatre, Berlin
The Lyric Hammersmith London 2012

Productions/Reviews of Morning

  • Who?

Stephanie is a 17 year old female currently in college. She lives in a small town where everyone knows each other. She shares a deep bond with her best friend, Cat. Her father is dead and she is about to lose her mother to cancer. She has no morals; self centered; unperdictable. She has no morals, because I don't think she had anyone to teach her how to treat others, so she thinks it's ok to do whatever she wants. Talk how she wants to, whoever she wants without thinking about the consequences. I also think she has a lot of abandonment issues, because both her parents aren't there. Her dad is dead! Her mum is sick! So she has to look after Alex, by herself! This results in her picking drinking, rather than facing the trauma. She finds herself torn between the innocence of her childhood and the impending realities of adulthood.

Given Circumstances

In my scene with Cat, Stephanie wants Cat to stay. She also wants to make sure Cat will keep her mouth shut about what happened to Stephan. In Stephanie's head, if Cat stays they are in it together, it's more of a reason for Cat to stay quiet, if she leaves. Stephanie is afraid she will start talking as she can't have control over her and what she's saying to other people. Part of a converstation they was having Cat stated. "Don't think you've stopped me from leaving, cause you haven't." Stephanie replies, "What makes you think I was trying to stop you from leaving?" This emphasies maybe Cat is a bit scared of Stephanie, but chose to talk back this time. She's had enough of walking in her shadow. On the other hand, Stephanie is being very cheeky with that line, she knows that she is trying to stop Cat from leaving. She's just not been successful! Stephanie wants Cat to stay so she can get caught when the police figure out who killed Stephan. She finds it unfair how Cat gets to leave everything behind, start a new life. She's probably feeling a sense of depression as she thought by killing Stephan it would make Cat stay. But, it didn't, it drove her away more. Made her urge to get out of town even worse than it was before.


Given Circumstances

I’m an awesome subtitle, ideal for giving more context about the topic at hand

Esto es un párrafo listo para contener creatividad, experiencias e historias geniales.

Stephanie and Cat, are where Stephanie killed Stephan. But, Cat was a witness and partly to blame for his murder. An enclosed part of a mini 'beach' (not really a beach a place with sand and a little lake nearby). Summer holidays are nearly over... Time for everyone to go back to school, college and uni. Stephanie and Cat are standing over Stephan's lifeless body at some points. They also sit on the bench but never the sand. Maybe, they never sit on the sand, because it gives them too much flashbacks of when they was tying up Stephan. He was screaming for them to stop, but they wouldn't. The rock that was used as the murder weapon was still at the place of the crime. The space where they are at is secluded, very hard to find hence why Stephanie took Cat and Stephan there. Stephanie didn't want any interuptions for her premeditated attack, there's nothing but motorways and trees for miles.


Given Circumstances

In scene 9, Stephanie is more towards her feeling self-hate and wanting to die. Than rather how she was at the start, more bubbly, more energtic, not as drained. How Stephanie is reacting to the circumstances she put herself in. Cat as well it's like she hasn't done anything wrong. That everything will be fine. In this scene, I think Cat really see's Stephanie for who she is, her cruel nature. She keeps trying to manipulate Cat into staying, keeping her mouth closed about what happened to Stephan. Playing with Cat's emotions, trying to make her feel as if this was her fault. In reality, I think Cat is just as guilty as Stephanie, because she was there and didn't stop her. 'How', here is characterised by Stephanie's cold, calculated manipulation, as well as her complete lack of remorse or, empathy for what she done to Stephan. Her actions were deliberate and planned. "I can't remember what I say next can you?". This quote from the text of scene 9. Clearly, shows how Stephanie planned out a script in her head, for her converstaion with Cat and probably everyone else. Stephanie continues to use her words as weapons to inflict emotional harm.


Given Circumstances

Esto es un párrafo liso para contener creatividad, experiencias e historias geniales.

I think the reason why Stephanie is like this is because she lost her father at a very young age of 10/11. This definetly made her feel a certain type of way towards other kids because when she saw them with their father. She got a bit jealous because her's is no longer with her. This could've definitely had an impact on her mental state causing her to act and react the ways she does now at, 17 in her teenage years. You may ask why Stephanie is so self-centred? I think it's because she spent so much time looking after her mum, only a year and, a half after her dad died. Her mother was diagonsed with cancer. She obviously feels a lot of pressure on her, as she's been doing it for the best part of 10 years. But, it's recently gotten worse in the past 3 years. She can see her mum slowly rotting away. She is scared for herself and Alex. She probably believes nothing good comes from living. Hence, why she says everything will be better once her mums dead; she feels her mum's illness has an negative impact on Her and Alex's lives. So they can't be normal teenagers, as one of them always has to be with mum. Also, normally when a parent dies in this case, I'm talking about her dad. People normally get counselling to help them grieve. I don't think that Stephanie had that option due to them not having enough money. So psychologically speaking, this could've impacted her in many ways resulting in how she is in her teenage years.

Why? For What Reason?

Given Circumstances

It is dusk, just after 9pm. Summer is coming to an end. So it's not bright, but it's not dark outside... It's modern day, everyone is getting ready to go back to education. This scene takes place after Stephan's brutal murder. It may be a new day, but there is a contrast between the promise of a new day and the grim reality of their situation. It creates a sense of tension and unease. This scene really highlights the theme of lost innocence. They are no longer able to hide from their actions. The 'when' in this scene, therefore, is not just a moment in time, but a turning point in the narrative.


Given Circumstances

I’m an awesome subtitle, ideal for giving more context about the topic at hand

Esto es un párrafo listo para contener creatividad, experiencias e historias geniales.

Character intentions and motivations of scene 9

In my scene with Cat, Stephanie is trying to assert control and dominance over Cat. She tries to manipluate Cat into staying by bringing her back to the crime scene. Knowning it will start to play games on her mind and her decisions. She had made to go away, clouding her judgement. She also intends to make Cat feel fearful of the consequences, she will face by telling her it will happen to her, too. Wanting her to feel the fear and hopelessness that Stephanie feels herself. Her motivations are complex, because no one really understands Stephanie's wants and needs. The motivations that she has are rooted well within her own fears, insecurities and confusion. She's rebelling against the world and her own sense of self. The way she treats Cat in this scene is as if she has forgotten that she's her best friend! The person who has been there for her through everything! Because, Cat wants better for herself. Stephanie see's this as Cat being selfish! Trying to forget about her! Not understanding Cat's point of view. While her actions may be cruel. They are a manifestation of her struggle to understand herself, and where she fits in the world. She's trying to bring her power in a world, where she feels powerless, using Cat as a means to this end. This scene, also reflects on her inner turmoil and confusion of who she is. If she even wants to be alive. She perceives the world as cruel, because this world took her father from her at a young age. Then her mother just as her adulthood starts. This scene is a obvious portayal to the darker side of human nature, the lenghts one can go to assert control and dominance.

In my scene, Stephanie's actions are driven by her desire to control and manipluate Cat. Her actions and words are pre-chosen carefully to provoke Cat, to try and trap her into staying. Physically, her actions, such as leading Cat back to the scene of the crime. These are premeditated moves designed to declare her ascendancy and control. Cat, on the other hand, sees herself caught in Stephanie's web. Her actions, are reactions to Stephanie's manipulations. She is led by Stephanie, both physically and emotionally. This is shown several times; when she helps bury the body deeper, to when she's telling Stephanie, Stephan's hat suits her. Cat's reluctance and fear are evident in her actions she's reflecting her inner tumult.Now you may ask yourself the 'why', behind these actions? It lies in Stephanie's need for control and Cat's vulnerability. Stephanie is rebelling against her own feelings of powerlessness. Using Cat, as ameans to assert her presence. Cat, meanwhile, is struggling to understand Stephanie's intentions. Her actions reflecting her anxiety and confusion. The 'how' is reflected in the way Stephaine manipulates Cat, her actions and words are intentional. Cat meanwhile, is reactive, how she reacts is due to Stephanie's actions.

Analysis of Action in my scene










  • Her dad died when she was 10
  • Her mum was diagnosed with cancer a year an a half after her father passed
  • Started drinking when she started secondary school
  • Fell in with the wrong crowd because they had similar home lifes
  • Met Cat in year9
  • Cat kept her sane for a while but then her mother's health got 10x worse
  • Her and Alex were really close before their dad died
  • She got bullied a lot after her mother took ill the kids used to take the micky out of her mum

Character backstory

Today was the day of our production. There was a lot of emotions going through the air. Everybody was nervous because we only had two weeks to pull this production off . Barring the strike week which took nearly a whole week off all rehearsal time. Although, we did not have a lot of time to rehearse as an ensemble. We did however rehearse by ourselves with our family and friends. It was quite evident who had been learning their lines, and who had not been. Nonetheless, I think both shows went pretty great. The first show was the 3 pm show, not a lot of people showed up it was mostly the other half of our class. I think that the movement pieces 7, 10 and 12 went really good. I also think that in the first one where the angels appear that everyone could’ve looked a bit more curious. Gathered around the body a bit more so it gave more of a sense to the audience of what happened. Is he in heaven or he in hell. In my scene, I did make a few mistakes. The first one being, I started the scene by saying "we should bury him more deeply." When the first line was "do you think anybody’s going to find him." Luckily, enough I have been trained properly, I didn’t show it on my face I just continued with my script. Also my partner didn’t stumble because of my error. I made a few more mistakes regarding my dialogue. There was a certain part of my script that I just couldn’t grasp properly. I thought I had it but my stage fright took over me. It’s not that I said the wrong lines, I just said them in the wrong order. Once again, luckily enough, my partner didn’t stumble upon my mistake, she just kept going with the flow of the conversation. Meecah and I, remembered all The props. I remembered the scarf that all the Stephanie's had to wear, as I kept forgetting it in our rehearsals. In the movement piece with all the Stephanie’s I think it went pretty well. Especially because, I was able to not fidget, keep myself in character. Normally, I am very fidgety and tend to get distracted easily. I think it comes down to a lot of self-control, just telling yourself people are watching you. You need to be still. Encouraging yourself, telling yourself that you can do it and that you’re capable of doing it to the best of your abilities. I think the red LED lights worked really well with the scene along with the music and setting the atmosphere. In the second show, at 7 pm it was packed. I was so frightened because my family was coming to watch me. And everybody else’s family was coming to watch them. My stage fright and my anxiety, got a bit worse than it was at the 3 pm show. I had enough time to calm myself down, because My scene wasn’t until the end of the play. For some reason, I feel like this show had a little bit more energy than the last one, as maybe because there was more people. Even though that is not a reason for it to have more energy because, they should both have the same amount of energy. The audience didn't interact with us as much. In my scene this time round, I remembered my first line! To my surprise, I didn’t make any mistakes. I took time and was patient as this scene showcases a lot of Stephanie’s guilt unraveling. The urge for her to kill herself. I think a difference with this scene from the other show is that I was more confident in saying my lines because I knew I had people out there counting on me to do good. I didn’t really wanna mess up in front of my mum. I definitely wasn’t feeling 100% because I was still battling my tonsillitis. Nonetheless, I made sure to project my voice so everybody could hear me, even the tech team. As a whole, I think my group did pretty well if I do say so myself. Because, we were under a lot of pressure to get this done in two weeks. We barely had any rehearsal time together because of the strikes but we still managed to pull it off. It was still a really good show, everybody knew their lines. Even if there was some mistakes made, it wasn’t visible to the audience, because nobody broke their character, I hope everybody is proud of themselves.


Esto es un párrafo listo para contener creatividad, experiencias e historias geniales.

Thanks For Watching

Esto es un párrafo listo para contener creatividad, experiencias e historias geniales.

'Morning' first premiered at the Lyric Hammersmith 2012, directed by, Sean Holmes, this production was the world premiere of Simon Stephens' play (it was part of 'secret theatre' a experiment that sught to redefine how thearte was made and experienced). The production was noted, for it's raw unfiltered portrayal of teenage angst, a stark contrast to the often-romantised depictions of adolescence. It is said these young actors brought to life the complex emotions of their characters.Critics praised the production for its boldness and refusal to shy away from the darker aspects of adolescence. They say this production challenged the audience, forcing them to confront uncomfortable truths.

Lyric Hammersmith 2012

In today’s lesson we had a tech rehearsal in the theater. At first. We just done cue to cue, so finding out when and where props will go set design will go using the first and last lines of each scene for this cue to cue everybody had to be focused and ready to move Set on and off bringing props on and off. During tech rehearsal the 2nd movement piece with all the Stephanie we decided on some red LED lights to set the atmosphere and then once Lucy started her monologue. We then decided on some light blue lights on the left-hand side and red lights on the right hand side so it was split down the middle of her face. One side was a bit blue, and the other side was red given the sense of making her look scary. In this rehearsal, it was also a dress rehearsal so we had to get in and out of costume really quickly, especially if you had a scene coming next. While waiting for my scene, as it was closer towards the end. Me and my partner kept doing quick line runs to ensure that we was confident with our lines so when we went on stage we had no hiccups and no mistakes. Although mistakes are allowed we would’ve just wanted to get over and done with. when it was time for my scene, which was scene 9 I did make a few mistakes and forget a few lines, but that just meant that I need to work harder and do more rehearsal time with my partner to ensure for the show we had everything down to the bone. In the second rehearsal we done that day I remembered more or less all of my lines, Maybe apart from one or two because there was one section that I kept getting wrong, so when I got home that day I worked on it.

Jay Miller, was the director for this production of 'Morning'. The production was intimate, with the audience in close proximity to the actors creating an intense and immersive experience. Set desgin was minimal, allowing the audience. The young actors were praised for their authentic portarayal of the complex emotions and experiences of adolescence, audience members say it was a deeply moving performance.

The Yard Theatre, London

Later, also had another production but this time international at the German Theatre in Berlin. It was meant with great acclaim. Although, their interpretation was a little more abstract, using the stage and lighting to create an eerie, unsettling atmosphere that echoed the play's themes. The actors, brought a different energy to their roles. Critics say they was less raw, more stylised, adding another layer of complexity to the narrative. It was seen as a testement to Simon's writing showing how it could be interpreted in vastly different ways.

German Theatre, Berlin

In today’s dance lesson, Despina was teaching us about techniques on lifting our peers for our production. First we started by lifting me as I was the lightest just to get a feel of how things would work because we had never done this before. At first, we used a table and everyone had to in height order tallest to shortest in order for it to work. Once, in order we had to get really close together. Despina supported me by making sure when I fell back that I was properly aligned so they could catch me as I had no control it was very nerve racking as I had to put my trust in my peers to not drop me. We done this a couple times with a few different people as some weigh more than others to make sure we confident when lifting Plando. We also played around with lifting people from the floor while we had people properly supporting their head and upper body while remembering the legs have to go down first when putting the person down. This lesson was mostly about exploring what we could do for our first movement scene which was scene 7 where Stephan comes back from the head as an angel. My peers were told by Despina to try and lift me with two fingers each. I must admit I was terrified, but I had faith in them because I’m not heavy. There was a lot of us, so what's the worse that could go wrong. It was all going well, until I was time to put me down. Despina always reminded us to put the feet down first, but whoever was holding my feet forgot, while the upper half of my body was coming down my feet were still in the air it was a bit scary but Kamaari was supporting my neck so I didn’t hurt myself.

  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time won the Olivier Award for Best New Play 2013 and the 2015 Tony Award for Best Play
  • Punk Rock was nominated at the TMA Awards for Best New Play in 2010, and was also nominated for the Evening Standard Award for Best New Play in 2010

A few Awards.

In today's lesson, we were meant to have Shan. Blanka wanted us to work independently through our scenes. So she could watch them one at a time and give feedback to each group. While she was working with the other group Meecah and I decided to go Through our scene section by section. We also decided to annotate the sections, break down the script, so we would have more context when A different intention came along. Throughout the scene, the intentions changed a lot, especially with my character Stephanie. First I didn’t really understand Stephanie‘s intentions in my scene. As it was a bit confusing but, once I broke down the text into small fragments I started to understand it a bit more. I also understood that Stephanie‘s character was made to be confusing, but not only for the audience, but for herself when doing this task. Me and Meecah firstly, decided that when Stephanie ask Cat. "Should be bury him more deeply." At first thought was to use our hands to bury him, then I came up with the idea that we could use shovels. Because it would be more realistic than using your hands, but After some thinking. When we were showing it to Blanka she said, "why don’t you imagine that is already a hole for his body, instead of using shovels or your hands move his body and roll him into the pit.2 She also said that I should feel disgusted within my hands, try and rub the dirt off because I’ve just touched his body. Now my fingerprints are on there so I’m trying to get them off even though that I know it won’t help. We thought that was a great idea so we took it aboard and used it in our performance. Another pointer, Blanka gave us was that when Cat says, “I thought we were going to take him home.” For my next Line, which is, “Maybe it’s just better to leave him here then it’s probably better not interfere if we ignore it. I think it will definitely go away.” That I should go and sit on the top of the bench with my hands in my head, a little bit panicky and angry. She also talked to me about the delivery of some of my lines. Certain lines are meant to make the audience feel a certain type of way. I wasn’t grasping the way that it was meant to make the audience feel, as I hadn’t fully embodied the character to the best of my abilities. That was something I was able to work on for my performance. A line had a lot of trouble with was when I said “I can’t remember my lines.” And “I can’t remember what I meant to say next can you?” When I first read the text, I thought that this didn’t make any sense. Why is she saying this, Blanka explained to me that Stephanie had everything that she was meant to say planned out in her head. But, now that the fear and the shock of guilt is hitting her, she cannot remember the script that she planned out in her head. She’s freaking out scared of What the outcome will be if she forgets these lines. Because, in her head she has the perfect script written out.

Today with Despina we figured out what we was doing for the angel scene. We decided that Kamaari was going to carry Plando out from backstage. Kamaari, played Stephan in the scene where he died; it would give out the illusion where he came back as an angel. But, Kamaari is his soul leaving the body. That’s why all the angels eventually end up covering Kamaari until the audience can’t see him. We started off with some really mellow music to set the scene, then Gracie and I follow slowly behind Plando and Kamaari creating a sense of sadness and curiosity among the angels. We all had to wear white shirts with black bottoms to show what we was. The feeling we was trying to go for was, Gracie and I were bringing the rest of the angels along to watch what was going on. We wanted to see and understand why this innocent 17 year old was killed. Maybe, he didn’t deserve it the looks on our face showed horror, confusion and terror. In today’s lesson, we also worked on scene 10 Which we decided on having all the Stephanie’s in this scene to make it scary and cult like because she is going mentally insane. This is meant to be the scene before Stephanie kills herself and writes a suicide note to Alex. So we had to try and think about what kind of effect we wanted to this scene to have on our audience, as it is the scene before her death. Lucy came up with the idea that we should purpose walk anywhere on the stage one after the other, while making our turns sharp and neat. Then we all walk in a circle maintaining our character from the way she walks to the way she smiles. Next, we all bend down once Lucy is in line with the center of the audience. We start swaying first to the right then to left chanting ”The philosophers have only interpreted the world the point however is to change it.” We done this around 4 times till we heard a scream in the soundtrack. Then had to purpose walk back to our starting positions, so that Lucy could start her monologue. The most difficult thing for me have staying still on stage and being in character while she was speaking, because I’m naturally very easily distracted. I tend to fidget a lot, but I just told myself that people are watching. If I want to succeed, I will remain still as possible. We had to return back to main stage and create a circle around Lucy. As this showed the audience that she has now taken her own life so creating a sense of a black hole, sucking her into a world of darkness. The last movement piece, was where Alex finds Stephanie’s suicide note on the floor of their home. For this, we had two partners mirroring each other on either side of the Alex’s so they was in the middle. We kept the movement very simple and at the back was Stephanie and Stephan basically the ending of them to interpret the distrust and open wounds left for the both of them.