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Wolvechild Advent Calendar


























Leaving youSo that I am leaving you, doesn't mean I don't love you. Can't you see the path, infront of you?mirror yourself, waken your mind, let the spirit flow. Raising your hands all to the sky open up your heart. I can see your light, wishing you'd step inside.

Aouu You're too curious. It's not time to open this door yet.


SoulfulIn the depths of the forest, an unexpected harmony echoed through the trees. Two wolves, drawn together by a shared love for music, found a connection that transcended boundaries. Their melodic bond became the genesis of Wolvechild, a band born from the soulful union of two kindred spirits. Each song they craft is a testament to their profound connection, a heartfelt expression of their enduring friendship. Wolvechild's music resonates with the raw emotion and depth that only true companionship can inspire. Join them on their journey through melody and emotion, where the power of their unbreakable bond reverberates in every note.

AouuuOnce upon a time, in the heart of the wilderness, a pack of resilient wolves embarked on an epic journey. Across daunting landscapes and through trials aplenty, they persevered, their unity growing stronger with every challenge conquered. Each member brought a unique strength, their harmonious bond paving the path towards triumph. As the moonlight guided their way, their howls echoed a symphony of resilience and unity, a testament to their unwavering spirit. Now, together as Wolvechild, their music reverberates through the world, a testament to their unbreakable bond and the indomitable strength forged from their extraordinary odyssey.

DivineNever say what you think. Close your eyes so you don't see. Follow those above and don't question.Waisting away like a far too old doormat.Honestly don't you want to slowly end the game.Are you afraid of loosing your mind?When you look over the horizon.

Mind control: Father of the universe and mother of the earth stay close to me to be one. Shade over me and guide them to see the sence of what's this all about. Let's be the one and show them the magic which seems to be gone.This is a game beyond this world. Nobody tells you what happens there. Even if you try to understand you will go insane.Give them all the love you have inside and see the beauty of them both, they will give it back to you. Open up your heart.

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Once upon a time, amidst the whispering woods, there thrived a pack of noble wolves known as Wolvechild. In their hearts, they carried melodies that resonated with the very pulse of the forest.One eve beneath the shimmering moon, the pack gathered, heads held high, and spoke in the language of harmony. The Alpha Wolf, with eyes that held ancient wisdom, addressed the assembly."Our music unites the realms," proclaimed the Alpha, "and in unity lies our strength. But our pack yearns to grow, to extend our melody beyond the woodland's embrace."With resolve and a shared vision, they ventured beyond the woods, seeking to share their melodies with the wider world. They encountered a gathering of humans, hearts beating to the rhythm of life.Approaching with grace, the Wolvechild shared their tales, melodies that spoke of unity, resilience, and the power of shared wisdom. The humans, captivated by this harmonious revelation, listened intently, feeling the ancient wisdom woven within each note.Inspired by the pack's unity and driven by their passion, the humans joined the circle. Together, wolves and humans, they formed a symphony transcending boundaries, weaving a tapestry of melody and wisdom.As the moon bathed them in its soft light, the harmony echoed far and wide, crossing horizons and uniting beings from different worlds.#Wolvechild: Extending our pack, sharing our wisdom, and uniting through melody. 🐺🎶✨

Welcome to our cave. You were so brave and found the way to us. United we are strong and no power can suppose us. We unfold our magic in the moonlight. If you are a wolf of the pack you will never be alone. Hear the call of your Alpha wolf.

Aouu You're too curious. It's not time to open this door yet.

It's so long ago that I saw you standing at the door. I thought that I couldn't breath 'cause I felt the heat. For that moment I was sure you're the one I'm looking for. Let's take a ride into the night a starride into the morning light. I am falling straight into your arms. Here I am what you're waiting for? Here I am my heart is an open door. Here I am what you're waiting for? Here I am !

Aouu You're too curious. It's not time to open this door yet.

In the heart of the wilderness, there lived a wolf whose spirit yearned for more than the echoes of the pack. Seduced by the allure of glittering success, he turned away, forsaking the bond with his kin, surrendering to the demons that clouded his soul.With every step towards fame, he lost fragments of his true self. The hollow applause filled the void, but his essence faded in the shadow of artificial lights.As he ventured deeper into the abyss, the pack, though hurt, whispered a timeless call, a resonating chant of hope amid his darkest hour. "In the depths of your night, our howls will guide you back to your light."Through the desolation, those echoing words pierced the void within him. In solitude, he found solace in the memory of their call, a beacon amidst the darkness, leading him back to the pack, back to the wilderness where his true essence thrived. And in that return, he discovered that genuine success lay not in the glittering world he chased, but in the unity and strength of the pack, where his soul found its eternal melody.

I am more than thunder. Just a little wonder. You can't pull me under your spell baby, don't dare. Maybe ya think I'm crazy. But ya can't blame me. If ya even don't know, 'bout what I am talking.And I, I left all my shadows behind. And now it's time to led the devil in me die.There it is my other me. Just a quantumleap jump into love and unity. Lay down your ego and follow me. Let's break all limits and be free.

Aouu You're too curious. It's not time to open this door yet.

Once upon a moonlit night, amidst the ancient woods, the Alpha she-wolf of the pack, adorned with wisdom in her eyes, and the Guitar Alpha, with strings that echoed emotions, engaged in a profound dialogue. Underneath the shimmering stars, they bared their souls, intertwining heartfelt melodies and poignant lyrics.Their exchange birthed a haunting ballad that stirred the very essence of the pack. Each wolf was moved by the soulful song, and as night embraced the forest, they gathered, harmonizing the melody in their own lupine way. Together, as one primal ensemble, the band Wolvechild created a symphony that echoed through the enchanted woods, resonating with the heartbeats of all who heard it.

In a mystical realm, nestled between dimensions, a pack of extraordinary wolves roamed. Each wolf possessed a unique gift—some with voices that echoed across galaxies, others with melodies that resonated with cosmic energy. United by their desire to transcend boundaries, they ventured into the unknown, drawing inspiration from the celestial wonders that surrounded them.As the moon cast its luminescent glow upon them, the pack gathered, channeling their collective abilities into crafting melodies that seemed to transcend time and space. Their harmonies, a fusion of ethereal sounds, felt like whispers from a distant universe, melodies woven from stardust and cosmic symphonies.These wolves, known as Wolvechild, channeled their otherworldly talents into their music, crafting songs that transported listeners on intergalactic journeys. Each note was a portal, inviting all who listened to embark on an adventure through the boundless expanse of their mesmerizing universe.

To win the wolfchain only comments under the wolvechild original Posts on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are acepted. If you want to be part of the wolf pack and win a wolf chain, then you have to learn how to make a proper wolf call. The alpha she-wolf explains to you how:

Today we're taking you into Wolfchild's everyday studio life. Our songwriting for the album is almost finished. Now it's about producing the first single.