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Event Planning



5.1 health and safety

4.1 see proposal

target audience

3.1- see proposal

market research

2.1 skills for event planners

event evaluation

feedback methods

2.1 roles of event planners

formal feedback

1.1 sectors of events


2.3 tools for evaluation

2.2 setting objctives

2.1 evaluation


formall feedbackFormal feedback is very different to infromal feedback. formal feedback is planned amnd slotted into a schedule. this is usally associated with assesment tasks and includes things like the marketing criteria and achievement of standards. this type of feedback is logged and in a serious environment

informal feedback informal feedback is normalloy unscheduled and unexpected. it is usally a pointer and nothing serious. there is no formal procedure or formal feedback it is just a casual pointer on what went wrong or what you did well. its not part of a regular cyle and is often not logged onto a cumpuet, it comes from word of voice

Formal and informal feedback


This is my portfolio for event planning. this will include everything i have learnt inside and outside of lessons. in adddition to this it will be a summary of all of the knowledge on event planning and what i have completed for my winter proposal.


I went around North kent college and gathered infromtaion on what events various people have visitede in the last two years. the sectors to chose from was sport, leisure and co operate. the most common sport people play is football and the most common leaisure activity was reading festival, finally the most common co operate activity was work meetings. this information allowed me to see the various types of activuities that fall under each sector

1.1 Sectors of events

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when it comes to hazards event planners need to make sure they have a good way to combat every hazard possible. this will allow the event to run more smoothley and if any problems occur they will know what to do. an event planner has many main duties some of these being developing and excecuting plans and performing internal and external events. event planners have to be very cauitious becasue if any bad problems occur under their supervision they could be sued or a loss of their job

Duties and responsibilities of an event planner

event planners need to take into consideration the budget and the overall plan for the event. they also need to make sure they have enough stock for the duration of the event. in addition to this they need to make sure they pick an appropriate time and location where it is easy to find to the public.

event planners need a variety of skills to succsed in there job role. some of these being, communication skills, organisation, marketing, leadership and creativity. these skills are useful for event planners because they deal with a variety of situations from day to day.

The image next to this is my creation of a cv and what i bealive the ideal cv should look like

Creating a CV

The more people attending, the greater the chance that someone could be hurt or have an accident. That means more provisions and steps need to be taken to keep everyone safe and having enough contingencies in place should something happen. If you don’t put health and safety procedures in place you are 5 times more likely to have a incident. However if you put health and safety measures in place you will know how to combat something if it goes wrong.

It is important that we understand the importance of the security measures put in place for our event because we can find potential ways to resolve them. One security measure we will put in place is having someone standing at the door. This is essential for us because we can use this as a check in desk. We will be able to see if people have paid for a ticket. In addition to this we need someone walking around the bistro to check everyone is up to date on the questions and answer any potential questions people may have. It is beneficial to have someone walking around because it is in the restaurant so alcoholic drinks will be visible, because we are hosting our event at north Kent college it is illegal for under 18s to drink so we need to monitor this

Security measures

Evaluating your event can tell you weatyher you event was succsesful and if you hit your goals that you was aiming for. it is crucial to evaluate your event because it will allow you to see both the positive and negative factors of your event. If anything went wromng and evaluation allows you to see the ways you could combat it next time, this also allows you to see how accurate your plan was for your event.

why are events evaluated?

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Benefits of evaluation for the groups


it is crucial for organisers to evalute events because they can see what went well and what they couldm do better next time, it is also good for them because they can organise the best possible event with enough evaluating.


similary with organisers it is very important for performs to evaluate because they can cleary see what they couldve done better which allows there nxt performace to be better.


it is important for a member of audience to evaluate activities because they have the clearest view and they pick up on things easier. they can also report the negatives and give appraisal

It is important to set objectives for any event because they give a purpose and direction. setting objectives in an event allows you to work towards achieving them and will allow the event to run more smoothly as you will have planned it and set objectives. it also notifies you what goals you need to work towards and what you need to achieve by the end of the night

importance of setting objectives for an event

+ info

valuable sources of information for evaluation

staff debrief

A staff debrief is a very good way of evaluation because it allows staff members to get together and evaluate what went well and what they couldve done better as a team. it is also benefical because it allows each and every staff member to get there word across and ask questions

customer surveys

customer surveys are a very good way for evaluation because it allows staff members to see what the customers thoughts are on events and it gives them pointers on what they can improve and what they have done well

data records

data records allo0w staff members to see the thoughts of customers and if they enjoyed the event. it also allows staff members to see the positive and negative reviews they may recieve after a event

Informal feedback is unscheduled and often unexpected. There is no formal process or procedure to initiate this feedback, it's not part of a regular cycle and, in some cases, it can be unwarranted or unwelcome. it may not have any reprecautions and is often a informal chat in the workplace consisting of ways to help any minor issues

Formal feedback is planned and systematically scheduled into the process. Usually associated with assessment tasks and in the work place. it consists of formal methods to help you improve or line out something you have done wrong, formal feedback can be either negative or positive

formal and informal feedback



swot anaylsis

tools that can be used to evaluate events

a swot analysis is a planning tool that can be used to evaluate events because it allows you to identify the strenghts and weakness of the project or organisation

a questionaire is also a good way to evaluate events because it allows you to look at outsiders point of view and see what others are thinking and how they feel

interviews are also a good way to evaluate events because similary to questionaiire you can recieve opinions on what went well and you will be able to see what you can improve

oral commentsoral comments consist of someone messaging you directly to give you feedback. this can be useful because its one to one feedback and will help you understand what you need to improve

metaverbalmetaverbal feedback consists of online messages and voice notes. this can be useful for people that are good with technolgy and can be very clear when demonstrating feedback. for example voice notes are a hearing of someojne speaking which can be very understanding.

two electronic feedback methods

for our event we chose a quiz in the canteen area at north kent college. there are many factors we need to be aware of some of these being appropriate tools to obtain information ,potential sources of information and setting objectives. the objectives we are setting is to raise at least 50 pounds for charity. we bealive this is very achievable because we have are hosting in the canteen which will promopt people to buy food and drink. in addition to this our quiz entry is 5 pounds. secondly we need to obtain information of our guests and make sure they are the legal age if they was to purchase any drinks on site. we also need to obtain the knowledge of our quiz and make sure that our questions are appropriate for all ages

event evaluation plan

The importance of initial market research

initial market research is very important because it helps you uncover competing products, pricing, structures and marketing efforts of your competitors before entering new markets. it is crucial to understand everything in your department before starting something up from scratch. market research also allows you to gain information you may not know from others factors, however when your online you need to find trusted and similar sources


potential target audience for our event


to target a sporting audience we need to segment into characteristics and ages. wewill do this by adding sports questions that everyone will know to keep this specific audience interested


this will be an easy target audience to reach as characters that fall under this segment enjoy socialisng and a quiz pushes this to get involved with everyone.

To reach this target audience we are going to reserach into leisure events and places to keep these characters interested. in addition to this our event will be commensing in the resurant in north kent college which will interts these type of people

Identifying other competiton to our event

When coming to our event a nagative of this type of event is that it is very common. to stand out from competetors we neeed to make our questions stand out and make our location into luxury. any normal quiz wont stand out so it is a priority that we do this. in addition to this we need to make sure we advertise our event well by posters social media etc





The marketing mix is the set of controllable elements or variables that a company uses to influence and meet the needs of its target customers in the most effective and efficient way possible. These variables are often grouped into four key components. These components are the four ps that consist of place promotion, product and price. following the marketing mix will allow buisness to have a fully developed plan and understand each component of their buisness

Marketing mix

The marketing mix is made up of 4ps these are price, promotion,place and product this is shown in the graph above

staffing is another crucial part of promotion because you need to ensure that you have the righ amount of staff. if you dont the customers could be over populated with a small amount of staff which could look bad on the companys behalf

Equipment is another important factor when it comes promoting. it is important that you have all of the equipment needed. if not your event could go wrong.

budget is another crucial part of promoting an event because you can estimate if you will make a profit and it will help you to not overspend, in addition to this you can set certain amounts of the budget on different factors you will need.

materials is the foundation of promoting an event. this is the cnvas of all of your information, for example using posters is one of the best ways to promote an event because you can mke them stand out and include all of the information you need.

Resources used to promote events

time is a very crucial part to promote an event. this is becau8se stating the time when you promote an event gives customers a vision to see what time your event starts and what time it finishes. if you do not put time into your promotion customers will have no idea what time it starts and what day it is commensing

when managing an event many skills will be required this is because without the skills your event may not go to plan. some of the skills you will need is organisation, communication, time managment and negotiation skills. it is important to have all of these skills because you are most likely to use all of them when planning


managment structure for events are a crucial part of event planning, this is because the mangment structure is the background to the event. For our event we have structured the the timings schedule and all members of staff. our event is to start at 6 and finish at 9

Event at the forum

the event at the forum is a music based event with a third party music band coming in to perfrom. when looking at this event there are many teams within this, one of these being the organisers. there role is to put the event together and make sure everything is in place. another team within this is the kitchen team they will be serving drinks and food at this event so it is important that the staff are in at the correct time It is important that evryone knows what there doing in this event because misguidance or miscommunication could lead to the event going downhill and not making a profit . teamwork is very valuable in thism event because everyone will need to assign roles.

Here you can include arelevant data to highlight

+ info

roles and responsibilities

event peersonal

event peersonals are very important in events because they consist of all the members of staff. without staff the event could niot run. they have many roles and responsibillities of making sure the event runs smoothly


similary to members of staff volunters are like staff but on 0 contracted hours. volunters often have a role of working days when they are needed for example when events are on or a busy day

contracted persons

contracted persons are casual members of staff that have a set schedule a week there roles in events is to make sure everything is going well

Communication barriers one communication barrier is the fear of making mistakes. this is a barrier because some people may not work as hard as they are scared of making mistakes. one way to combat this is reassuruing that it is okay to make mistakes and it is a way

similary to briefing debrifing is just as important. this is because it almost acts as an eval;uation at the enmd of the day. this is where your manager will run through hown the day went and could give feedback on what went well and how you can improve next time. this is important because you willlearn how to improve for later events

Role of communication at events

the purpose of a brief is very important for members of staff. for example runninmg through what will happen on the day will ease stress from members of staff and allow them to have a clearer understanding of how the day will run. it acts as a timetable which is beneficial for all members of staff.

non vebal

communication methods


electronic has turned out to be the most used way of communication in this day. this is because it is the most efficent way of communication. it consists of email messages and phone call


verbal communicatiom is the best way to communicate because it is very easy to get your message across and easier to express feelings. it often consists of one to one chat.

non verbal communication consist of body labguage or sign lanaguege. for some this could be the least used way as it is hard to understand whatc they are saying.

one way certain events avoid discrimination is to reduce any backlash for example in football if a fan is being racist or homophobic the officials will immediatly withdraw them from the game and sometimes stop the game entirely

discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of ethnicity, age, sex, or disability.


equality of oppurtunity

equality of operation means that everyone in the workplace should be treated equal no matter your position. this is important to have in the workplace because it means that evryone will be happier and enjoy working. the equality act 2010 states that in a public, private or advisory workplace everyone should be treated with respect in the workplace.

Customer service is the support you offer your customers from the moment they first contact your business to the months and years afterward. it is how well you treat the customers regarding to attitude and body language. Having good customer service is essential for your buisness because you are representing the buisness so having nad customer service looks bad on the buisness as a whole. another reason why customer service is a bad thing because you may lose customers.

customer service

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