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Balance diet

Sugary drinks, sweet, salt, white bread, rice and pasta
Cheese milk and yoghurt
fish, foultry and eggs
healthy fats/oils
Whole grains
Vegetables and fruits
-Lemon yogurt- 3 eggs- 3 of flour (with the measure of the yogurt)- 2 of sugar (with the measure of the yougurt)- 1 sachet of yeast - 1/2 of oil - Lemon peal


Lemon cake recipe

First you preheat the oven at 180ºC Then you put the oil and the lemon peal in a panThen you put all the ingredients in a bowl and you miox thenAfter that you add the oil with lemon peal of before in the mixLater you take a diferent recipe and you put butter all over it so the mixture that you have to put in later doesn´t stick You put the mixture at the recipe and put it at the oven for 45 minutes And there you have it a delicious lemon cake


Lemon cake recipe

Why is this rEcipe heaLthy?

Because for a dessert it contains mAny other things that are good for health without using a lot of sugar.

The End