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Funding and financing in film.


some of the most influential film studios.

universal pictures!

universal pictures is the largest film prodution and distrebution company in the world by annual revenue. it was founded in 1912.


Hollywood is considered to be the oldest film industry, in the sense of being the place where the earliest film studios and production companies emerged.

Hollywood is the birthplace of various genres of cinema for example:comedy drama action musical romance horror and science fiction.

During 1878 eadweard muybridge demonstrated the power of photography to capture motion.

in 1894 the worlds first commercial motion picture exhibition was given in new york city.

what was the american studio system?

It is most often used in reference to Hollywood motion picture studios during the early years of the Golden Age of Hollywood from 1927

(the introduction of sound motion pictures) to 1948 (the beginning of the demise of the studio system), wherein studios produced films primarily on their own filmmaking


the american film manufacturing company was founded in chicago in the fall 1910 by samuels s hutchinsons john freuler charles j hite and harry aitken.

Three shooting companies were created. Two would work at the studio or surrounding locales of Chicago, while a third unit was sent out to concentrate on westerns.

This western unit would move through the southwest with stops in New Mexico, Arizona and finally California. California was chosen as the unit's final destination for its sunny weather

contract players and directors

When the American Film Company was formed in 1910, it culled many performers, directors, scenario writers and crew members from Essanay Studios, which was an affiliate of the Motion Picture Patents Company.

Among the directors and writers that worked for American were Frank Beal, John Francis Dillon, Allan Dwan, B. Reeves Eason, Lorimer Johnston, Arthur Maude, Harry A. Pollard, Tom Ricketts, Edward Sloman, and William Desmond Taylor. In 1913, Wallace Reid directed several society dramas for the company.


Under the leadership of Allan Dwan, Flying "A" made over 150 films in San Diego County. The films were usually western adventures, comedies or an occasional local documentary. The Flying A westerns were popular with the public and kept Dwan and his crew extremely busy.


The Dwan westerns gave the Flying A the ability to mount large advertising campaigns, create additional films, and become a player in the motion picture industry.

While mostly filming in the back country near La Mesa, some sets were built behind the Flying A production buildings. Dwan would occasionally film a cowboy chase scene and then build a plot around that chase.

American formally closed the La Mesa studio in July 1912 and moved north to Santa Barbara, beginning production there in August. The main reason for choosing Santa Barbara over La Mesa was that the American Film Company wanted to have easier access to urban locations