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Joana Ferro

English learning portfolio

How is english apart of my everyday life?

6. How does my secod language fit into my life.

Language learning experiences

My passport




3. The Erasmus+ experience

4. The Erasmus experience+

5. How does my second language fit into my life.

8. Certifications

9. My self-assessement

10. Some examples of my writing


  • Leadership;
  • Good listener;
  • Good advisor.
  • Jardim de Infância n.º 3 de Alverca (Chasa);
  • Escola Básica dos 1.º, 2.º e 3.º Ciclos do Bom Sucesso;
  • Escola Secundária Gago Coutinho, Alverca.

Joana branco ferro

Multiple school English competitions

Erasmus + (2021)

Trip to Germany (2017)

Language learning experiences

I was apart of the Erasmus+ experience that happened in Bom Sucesso in 2021, I didn't travel outside of Portugal (even though I regret that now) because I'm terrified of planes but I was able to meet a bunch of friends from Poland and Czechia and that was a great opportunity for me to better my English.I had a Polish girl, called Agniezska, staying at my house (the one in the black and white picture), we got along greatly, even though she was a bit older than me (I was 14 and she was 18) we turned best friends before we even met in person.

the erasmus+ experience

I feel like she really helped me better my English, because not only was I speaking to her in English from 6am to 11pm but she also gave me my first book in English called "The dead poets society", she said that it was her favourite book in English and she thought that because we were so alike I was gonna love it too, and I did. This experience allowed me to better my English but it also allowed me to make friendships I hope to have for the rest of my life.




  • Through reading: I mostly read online cause that's where I find the books I like the most, consequently, those books are usually in English, which I personally don't mind because it helps me extend my vocabulary and I find books written in English less awkward.
  • Through the internet: I have my phone and google set to be in English so almost everything I read on google and the internet is also in English.
  • Through social media: My tiktok, instagram and X (twitter) are mostly in English, so it's a way for me to learn slang and sound more natural when speaking English.
  • Through talking with my friends: I have some foreign friends I speak to often (some are British, some are Polish. some are Canadian and some are Czech) and because the only language we know in common is English, that's how we communicate.
  • Through shows and movies: Whenever I have a bit of free time I like to watch a movie or a show I enjoy, most of those are also in English so I watch them in English with English subtitles as a way to better my language skills.
  • Through music: I can't go a day without listening to music and most of the music I listen to is in English.

how is english apart of my everyday life?







My self-assessment

some examples of my writing

This is an audio of me reading a small part from the first chapter of Moby Dick. Before recording this audio, I recorded 16 other audios (I counted) that went wrong, because I was sick so I kept sneezing or coughing. I think I didn’t do a bad job, but I also think it wasn’t my greatest work, because I was sick and because of my runny nose I couldn’t pronounce certain words the proper way. So I think I did my best and it showed, but I could’ve done better.

An example of my reading

This group project on Sidney was a great learning experience for me. It was eye opening, I think that's the best way to describe it. I learned a lot about Sidney and why multiculturalism is important. I got to explore Sidney's diverse culture and landmarks. It showed me how embracing diversity builds understanding and unity. I was lucky to be on a team with people I already got along with. We worked together really well, and it made the project enjoyable. This project no only expanded my knowledge of Sidney but also emphasized the value of respecting cultural differences in out world


my group project

To be continued...