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Growth vs Struggle

Which country

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Which country: Social Factors

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Which country: Openness to Trade

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Which country: Political Stability & Governance

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Which country: Technological Innovation

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Which country: Cultural & Historical Context

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North Korea's isolationist policies and limited investment in technology hinder its economic growth.

Afghanistan's historical challenges, including conflict and political instability, have hindered its economic development.

North Korea's isolationist policies and limited engagement with the global economy hinder its economic growth.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has faced political instability, armed conflicts, and governance issues, impeding its economic progress.

Brazil's challenges with income inequality and social disparities have impacted its economic development.

Denmark's emphasis on social inclusivity, a strong social safety net, and low income inequality has contributed to social cohesion and economic prosperity

South Korea's political stability and effective governance played a crucial role in its economic transformation.

The United States, with a strong emphasis on technological innovation and research and development, has been a global economic leader.