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for the UW-Madison study abroad application




First click the "program" tab on the website to look at the different choices. Find a program that fits your interests and requirements by using the search bar.

Read the eligiblity and learning objectives before you apply to the program. Some programs have higher GPA requirements than others.



When you feel ready, begin your application using your wisc student login on the study abroad website. It will say "Log into the Application."

step one

The first step in your application is to go through the seven part list of essays, contacts and academic information.

Step two

Look at any additional forms you MUST fill out. The most important one is your passport.


In order to travel out of the United States you need a passport. This is a document issued by the government, proving your identity and nationality.

It can take four to six weeks to process so make sure you plan ahead if you need one!

Make sure you download the Wandr app to connect with other study abroad students on packing, housing and the application process before you apply.

review tips

Good luck on your journey!