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Kylee Hansen & the MLB

A few things about me and why I would be a great intern at MLB.








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Hi there! My name is Kylee Hansen and I am a current junior at the University of Missouri. It has always been a dream of mine to work at MLB. People say that baseball and softball aren't the same, but they hold the same impacts and realizations. I understand how much more baseball is than a sport. When my time as a 4 year varsity softball player came to an end, I realized that it's also a community and a second family.During my 2 years so far, I've covered sports ranging from high school wrestling to Mizzou baseball, and soon to be the rivalry game MIZ vs Kansas here in about a week. I've learned the do's and don'ts of producing, anchoring, shooting, interviewing, and more. I've grown to love storytelling and the genuine human connection that comes along with it.





broadcast assistant



My work and showcases of my skills. Click on the + to see a sneak peak at each.







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Thank you, MLB!

Sadly, I can't attach video to this. I've had the privilege of anchoring a countless amount of shows. I've covered many sports including NFL and MLB. The link will take you to my portfolio.


Examples are on my website under the 'Portfolio' tab.

Missouri Homecoming Article

Here are some articles I've written after being live on the sidelines and representing KOMU-8. Telling sports stories that have a strong impact on the community never gets old.

Missouri Senior Night Article

Football Highlights I've Cut Using Premiere

Here are some highlights I've cut using Adobe Suite. The link will take you to my twitter account, which you may also find press conference sound bites and such.

I've assited in producing the 10pm sports show and have just recently started assisting in the production of the 5pm and 6pm newscasts. I also produced an entire newscast on my own just last month. I produce my own 8am sports show every Saturday, and last semester I produced my own 9pm show every other Wednesday. I understand the importance of trust and communication, and being personable towards the crowd for activity and response.

Producing and Shows

As a broadcast assistant, I've shadowed professionals and gotten to know all of the secrets of networking and being the best sports broadcaster. I've learned the importance of face and quality of work, and that representation is important within all companies.

Broadcast Assistant

I have always dreamt of working for the MLB, and I know that my love for sports and baseball would allow me to thrive and expand my knowledge towards the company.