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We are your hub for all the top brands in Internet, TV, mobile, and home security.

What is SmarterHome.ai?

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We list your Kiosk on the biggest online directories.

Broader customer base leads to increased foot traffic.

We provide the products from top providers in telco and home security.

We track your sales backto you based on your unique phone number and qr code.

You earn commisions on leads and sales

Increased Traffic & Customers

We provide a FREE Kiosk* with a digital display playing ads from the top brands in your area.

Customers can purchase products and services directly on the kiosk and interact with a live agent.

*depending on your location, the timeline may vary.

Customer Searches for Services

Your Kiosk is Found on Online Directories

Customer visits You

CustomerConnectswith Us

We Sell

You EarnCommission!

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Customers Reach Us

  • We provide you with a unique phone number and QR code that tracks all interactions.
  • All sales made through those channels are credited to you.
  • We offer chat, video call and call options for customers to reach us.

Earn Passive Income In Your Sleep

Earn up to $500 per Sale!

24/7 Sales Potential: Generate sales even beyond regular business hours - even while you sleep!

Gain access to a dashboard equipped with insights and analytics, allowing you to monitor progress and growth.2 / 2

November 2023 Google Data from active retailers enrolled in the program

*Drop in numbers seen because December data has not been added yet.

We list your Kiosk Online!

  • We handle the digital marketing for you.
  • You get found.

a. 46.2" heightb. 22 inch I-series display




The kiosks will feature eye-catching graphics from SmarterHome.ai, enhancing their visual appeal and drawing customers to the locations.

More Foot Traffic = More Sales!

  • Customers can purchase services from the kiosk.
  • You can sell your products to the new customers we send your way.

Customers search for internet, tv, mobile and home security services. We offer the top brands...

Home Security

Internet, TV, and Mobile

They sell for you so you can do more of what you love!

Call Center

Our call center of bilingual agents are trained to upsell and close sales.

Our agents are able to cross sell all of our products to expand your sales opportunities.