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by Hunter Knight

You may be asking yourself this but after this slide show you will be a expert

what is rugby

where is rugby

how do i play rugby

how old do i have to be to play

what is rugby

rugby is a game played with 2 teams that can be 7 on 7, 10 on 10, or 15 on 15.

rugby has two halfs witch in the big leuage it is 40 minuts each.

there are many positions for rugby like scrumhalf, foward, back, and wing .

rugby is also played with little to none protection with only a mouthguard for your teath .

there is also other items used as gear, like the scrum cap a thin layer of padding to protect your head is the scrum.

you may also find players with leg and arm sleves because of their shorts a t-shirt when the players are on the field it can be very cold but in the big leuages they tough it out.

how old do i have to be to play?

you can start non contact rugby at any age used with flags or two hand touch

you may start contact rugby at 7 or 8 but your club (team) might be difrent

where is rugby played?

rugby is played from most of the worlds continents. like africa, europe, asia, and australia. but you can almost always find non major rugby in any country.

how do i play rugby?

there are two types of players in rugby the forwards and the backs the backs are usally fast and agile wile the forwards are big and strong.

if you are a forward you are ment to hit and tackle other players so the backs have room to run to the try zone. forwards may also particapate in the scrum when a groupe of forwards push against another.

if you are a back you should stay in position and when you get the ball run and pass side to side to your team so the oposing team are confused. when you get to the try zone, tap the ball on the ground to score.