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Choice Board- Chapter 4

Interactive Review Game

Pyramid Style

Self-Paced Review

OneNote, PPT, Targeted Review

Vocab Practice

Legacy Review

Lesson Review



Early Tester


Class Padlet Resources

Interactive Review Game

  • As a class, we will play an interactive pyramid-style game!
  • If watching the recording please select another review option!
  • If you are here live, follow the instructions on the shared screen to get started!


OneNoteStudy GuideKingdom ReviewPharaoh ReviewSocial Structure Review

Take more time to review at your own pace!

Vocab Practice

  • Need a little more vocabulary practice for this Chapter before your test. Press on the Icon to the right to play a kahoot review game.

Legacy Review

Legacy- a cultural and/or technological idea or item that is left behind by a past civilization that will influence future civilizations.

Go explore our class padlet to review the resources that we used in class to get review each lessons material.

Review Game

Press on the icon below to play the Blooket from class!

Need a Review?

Not able to attend live or want to play again?


We have to know where we are to understand the rest of the chapter. Practice your geography skills with the word wall below!

Early Tester


  • I reviewed OneNote.
  • I studied the Review PPT.
  • I played the review game.
  • I reviewed my virtual notebook and personal notes.

If you answered yes to all the statements above and you are ready to complete your test, please use this time to complete your test early!

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