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a safe pen for us all

What brought us here

  • One in five children between 10 and 18 years old self harm
  • Individuals within psychiatric hospitals are prohibited from utilizing writing instruments
  • We all have our own stories


How does it look and function?

Body: Stress ball made of siliconeBall point tips: Shaped roundlyEnd cap: Replaced with a button planted on the side Colors: Blue and green

A quick design of our pen

What is our market plan?

Our market will start small and gradually growPromote our products before opening the store

+ access

+ interaction

+ awareness

+ customers

How will we be promoting?

Online Platforms

Social Media


TV Ads

Tranquillia Is Our Future

Tip: Interactivity is the key to capturing the interest and attention of your audience. A genially is interactive because your audience explores and engages with it.