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Make the most of your creation by revealing surprising hidden content with Reveal interactivity. In the interactivity menu, select the Reveal option and then click on the element on the canvas that you want to make appear.

Wow Effect

You can use any photo, gif, or illustration you like to mix in some multimedia content.

Give your creation its own soundtrack! Include background music and sounds or record yourself from the Insert menu to include audio in your content.

This orange cat represents petey, the main villain of the story. Petey is an evil cat scientist that used a vacuum to try and capture dog man. Luckily, Petey's plan failed and then he got arrested by dog man the cop.

The cop represents Dog man's owner before a fatal accident. Cop and dog were tricked and got suverely hurt by one of Petey's schemes. Cops head was hurt and his dogs body was hurt. So nurse put the dog's head onto the cop's body to make Dog man.

This couch represents the couch that Cop and his dog used to slack of on. Chief is the boss of Dog man, and he had just ordered a new couch. Then, Dog man started to slack on that couch too.

This hot dog represents the evil hot dogs that turned alive when petey sprayed living spray onto a hotdog. Scince the jail was making lots of hotdogs, it sprayed the other hot dogs to get an army. But the other dogs were really hungry for food.

This vacuum represents the evil vacuum that Petey made to capture Dog man. Dog man was running tword the beach and then the vacuum sucked up so much water, the bag exploded! It created a big wave that swalloed Petey, but then Dog man saved Petey.

Make it multimedia! If you want to include a video, copy the URL and paste it into the Insert tab in the Editor. You can activate options such as Autoplay, Loop, and Mute, depending on your preferences.