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Climate Change within Madagascar

How has climate change impacted Madagascar?


What is currently being done to help combat or remedy the situation?

The USAID (United States Agency for International Development) sends money and help to Madagascar to help combat climate change."USAID incorporates climate change mitigation and adaptation practices into environment activities to build resilience and ensure communities are able to weather climate shocks." (“Environment and Biodiversity | Madagascar | U.S. Agency for International Development”)

Where else in the world is experiencing a similar form of climate change?

Somalia is also facing the same challenges that Madagascar is facing due to climate change, namely droughts and floods. The flash flooding that has been inflicting Somalia has affected 460,000 people, causing thousands to be displaced. The droughts affect the countries livestock exports, which is where Somalia makes the largest export earning.




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A lack of food due to droughts has caused an increase in Lemur hunting by humans.These droughts are also creating environments that are harder for lemurs to survive in.(“How Climate Change Is Impacting Madagascar – Lemur Conservation Network”)

Climate Change

Due to climate change, the weather has been drastically changing from decades prior, leading to droughts and floods impacting Madagascar. High temperatures and less rain lead to both drier soil and drier forests.

Due to the impact that climate change has on Madagascar, people have had less water and food to sustain themselves, due to the droughts that have been plaguing them.