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A country and its climate change

I choose to discuss the effects of climate change in Europe and its cities such as Venice.






How does this affect the region around Miami or Venice? Since both of the cities are on the water and the flooding is getting worse due to climate change. Because of this the surrounding areas must learn to adapt to the affects and tolls it takes on the city itself. Since both cities flood normally on high tides now the surrounding region has to adapt to the movement of people to escape the floods or prepare for potential flooding itself. Animals have to move away from the water pushing into a new region which can throw off food chains and entire ecosystems.

How has climate change impacted Europe? Climate change has had a major effect on cities in Europe. For example cities such as Venice, a city linked together by canals, has began to "sink". Although Venice is not actually sinking into the ocean, the ocean is more swallowing it. Climate change has caused sea levels to rise due to melting of polar ice, which in turn makes cities on the water to become flooded.

Sources https://earth.org/venice-flood-barrier/ Venice Flood Barrier Saves Italian City From Record-High Tides, But Sea Level Rise Remains Imminent Threat | Earth.OrgTuesday's record tide was the first real stress test for Venice flood barrier inaugurated in 2020 after decades of delays. But is the 'Mose'...Earth.Orghttps://www.miamidade.gov/global/economy/resilience/sea-level-rise-flooding.page

  • It can affect ecosystems and disrupt food chains
  • As seen, climate change can lead to water levels rising which can flood costal cities.
  • Rising temperatures can cause droughts making it harder for crops to be grown, depleting food sources.
  • Warmer temperatures also can lead to more aggressive weather patterns.

What effect does climate change have globally?

  • Raising the sea walls that protect the town
  • Restoring salt marshes and barrier islands
  • The construction of flood gates.

CSome preventative measures being taken:

Multiple things are being done to prevent the flooding in Venice...

Whats being done?

One place that is also experincing flooding like this on high tides is Miami Florida. Miami is a naturally low city. With the combination of all the buildings with poor drainage plans, impermiable surfaces such as concrete, and climate change raising water levels, Miami is slow "sinking" like Venice.

Where else in the world is experiencing flooding like this?