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Venice V.S. Climate Change

What is being done?

The most famous of the solutions used are a series of three submerged barries which will raise if the the Venice lagoon is at risk of flooding. These collosal gates took €6 billion and 17 years to create, being used for the first time in October 2020. However, this system does not come without it's drawbacks. Some scientists are concerned it will prevent curcial sediment from reaching the local marsh ecosystem, which in turn would only exacerbate future flooding.

What has happened?

Venice is an island-city surrounded on all sides by a large lagoon. However, with Venice lying below sea level, the city is at an extreme risk of flooding. In fact, one such devestating flood in 1966 pushed city officials to begin programs to combat the rising water. Even with these programs, homes, buisnesses, and historic locations are at a constant risk of flooding with each storm.

Historically, Venice had been a fiercly independant city, derving as a crucial trade link between many different markets. Today, the city is home to a number of important historical sites and has even been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Losing Venice would be detrimental not only to the tourism Italy recieves, but also to the preservation of important landmarks of human history.

The Bigger Picture

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Who else faces a similar issue?


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Much like Venice, this beautiful city is built atop a system of interlocked canals. However, with an average elevation of only 10ft above the North Sea, the city is at great risk of being washed away with rising tides. With the city we would lose a historic medieval settlement that was home to Flemish primitive painting.

Bruges, Belgium


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