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Due to climate change, living in Miami has increasingly got harder. For example, it has been getting hotter: there are currently 25 heat days per year but in 2050 there may be over 100. Also because of climate change is the increased number of floods as sea level rises. Likewise, there are more storms in Miami.The officials in Miami are combating this by being aware of the issue and creating programs to study these phenemon more accurately such as the Miami Forever Climate Ready stategy. The officials are also planning to go carbon neutral and become more sustainable.

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City of Miami, Florida


New York City is also near the coast and experiences similar issues like in Miami

Globally, climate change is increasingly becoming a larger issue. Climate change affects the world as it increases temperature, creates stronger storms, and increases drought.

The climate change in New York City will cause property near the coast to be uninhabitable and cause a large quantity of residents to find somewhere else to live. Due to climate change, there will be a movement of people to nearby regions. Because New York city by itself has one of the largest economies and large influence, climate change will cause officials to redirect their attention and cause a disturbance globally.