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Rachel Sánchez 4°A

My trip to Marina D'or


  • Where did you go? Who were you with?
  • Describe the place/places you went to.
  • What did you do?
  • What was your favourite moment or activity from the trip, and why?

And with my uncles and my aunts

I went with my little cousins, who are between 6-9 years old.

This year I went to Marina D'or which is in Valencia.

Marina D'or is a very nice place to go in summer, it is very hot and humid, on the beach there are some rocks and the water is salty, at night you can take a walk and see many lights

Photo made by me

What I did in Marina D'or was:We went to a beach that was next door, it was called Peñíscola, there were a lot of people walking there at night, we saw how there were sculptures made of sand on the beach.We ate ice cream, pizza, kebabs etc...We also went to a fair that was next to Peñíscola and the rest of the days we were at the beach or in the pool

Photo made by me

My favorite part of this trip was when I was watching the sunset on the beach, something I really like to do, watching the sunset, and also when we went to see animals and I caught a baby chick.

!Thank you!