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queer coded


by lily <3

Ursula - based off of drag queen 'divine'

example one

It's easy to see the similarities and their similar vibe. Now is it official? Yes!! those in the movie have actually confirmed she was the inspiration and blueprint for the ursula look .

While this obviously doesn't make you gay, when it was made (1995) stereotypes were still the norm. His flamboyant essence and outfits also remind a lot of people of a drag queen.

He is a sterotypically gay character who wears pink and makeup.




Androdgynous villain?

Many say her contrasting outfit and face with her striking horns reminds them of a butch lesbian or a non-binary person. Although both are based on stereotypes it's an interesting take on her.

her 'masculine' silhouette and outfit with her 'feminine' face - gender neutral vibes?

Captain Hook




Honorable mentions!

What's wrong with this though??

Don't we love queer representation? Yes, we do, but we don't love stereotypes. Having to furiously dig to try and find a positive queer-coded hero is not what we want. Why did none of the heroes seem queer in the slightest bit? Now this may have been deliberate, Disney's way of poking fun at the LGBTQ+ community, or just a coincidence.Maybe its the stereotype's fault, not Disney's - but you can't help but wonder... Does being a feminine man make you evil?!

THAnkS :)