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What is being done?

Rincon Puerto Rico

Climate Change problems

The image on the left side of the infographic is Rincon, one of the areas most affected by the effects of climate change. The image on the bottom is the damage from Hurricane Maria.

Where elese is this happening?

Climate Change In Puerto Rico

The Island of "Enchantment"


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MiamiThe entire Carribean IslandsMexico In short any country with coastal lines and that exhibit rising temperatures which in short is everywere. The previously mentioned effects also apply to those countries with health problems and shrinking coastal lines and wild life being endangered.

Where is this happening?

In 2019 Puerto Rico passed the Puerto Rico energy Public Policy Act with the aim to achieve 100% renewable energy by the year 2050. More efforts are being made to preserve the mangle trees to help combat climate change. Puerto Rico looks to make more efforts to protect the plant and wildlife which helps combat climate change as well.

What is being done?

In the 20th of september of 2017 Puerto Rico experienced its biggest hurricane in recent history, Hurricane Maria. Maria a category 4 hurricane with winds over the 100mph mark and massive quantities of rain tore the island into 1,000,000 pieces literally and metaphorically. With climate change we are expecting more hurricanes like this one in the near future and since Puerto Rico is literally in the front lines of the carribean if we go at this rate Puerto Rico will face a similar event like Maria in the upcoming future, and as a former resident I can say we are not prepared.

Puerto Rico is seeing higher and higher sea levels, thus making people who live in the coast line vulnerable to losing their homes. In addition people destroying mangle trees are contributing and accelerating these effects of climate change. Another thing climate change is affecting the PR people, animals and such is the increasing temperatures, in June 3 of this very year Puerto Rico recorded its hottest temperatures in history a stagering 125 degrees, which sounded health risk alarms with obvious detriments to the peoples health. In short from losing our coast lines, rising temperatures and more frecuent natural disasters its clear climate change is real and a massive threat to the island I call home.

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