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West Palm Beach, Fl

Climate Change In

West Palm Beach is a city in South Florida on the East coast. Climate change has been very detrimental to this city.

Storm size has also been increasing due to climate change, which floods the area and damages the city. Cutting off suplies and damaging the infastructure.

This kind of climate change effects all of Florida, as well as anwhere in the Gulf coast, where temperatures and storms have been getting stronger.

When West Palm beahc is damaged, the rest of the country is cut off from those exports. Not to mention the 100 thousand people who live there

There is a lot of farming in West Palm Beach, and increasing temperatures have been negatively effecting the productivity of these farms. Plant growth is stunted from the increasing temperatures and storms. Animals are also dying more and producing less (milk, eggs, etc.).

West Palm Beach has an extensive canal system to help combat flooding. And has multiple mangrove beaches along the coast to act as prevention.

Palm Beach as a whole is lead in the county for production of sugarcane, fresh sweet corn, and bell peppers.

West Palm Beach is also home to many endangered species, like manatees, panthers, gators, and crocodiles. All of these animals are effected by climate change. Flooding, temperature changes, and environmental damage all poses a threat to these creatures.