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Many of The Karate Kid's locations are still intact

Mr. Miyagi’s workshop was actually a parking lot.

Sensei Kreese was a military veteran.

The remarkable Crain kick by Pat Morita did not happen in real life

Born in December 21, 1935 on Oak Park, Illinois, U.S. And died on June 16, 2017 on Los Angeles, California, He was American film director best known for the aspirational boxing classic Rocky and the Karate Kid.

John G. Avildsen

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  • Classic Rocky
  • The Karate kid

He is a kid who gets bullied by Johnny Lawrence for being poor and no having a lot of resources and then he gets to know mr Miyagi to learn karate.

Daniel Larusso

He is who teaches Daniel how to fight and after beating Lawrence on the final he wants that daniel do not enter another competition

Mr Miyagi

He is the bully of LaRusso he is someone rich with many friends and the best fighter in cobra kai dojo and when he lose the final he suffers agressions of john kreese and has a very bad dad

Johnny Lawrence

This is the other main dojo of karate where Johnny Lawrence prectices with Sensei Kreese and when Mr Miyagi tells LaRusso to not practice karate he goes to this dojo to continue karate.

Miyagi do is the dojo where Daniel learns karate he there practice with Mr. Miyagi buty beforelearning karate he has to kind remodelate the place for it to be in great conditions