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DEnisse cadena

Le commerce

carrefour stores exist throughout Europe, South America and Asia.

The stores resemble a shopping mall.

online shopping allows customers to pick up their purchases the next morning in the self-service part of the store.

\carrefor is a French hypermarket which means crossroads.


The books are free and are provided by the public schools.

From each teacher, students receive a list of school supplies.

Les manuels

the most important school purchase for French students is a backpack and a briefcase.

euro banknotes come in seven different denominations '

was created in 1999 the euro entered into circulation in 2002

the microstates of andorra and the vatican city as well as two countries outside the eurozone

the euro is the currency used by the countries of the european union.

L'euro et l'eurozone

prestigious universities are professional agencies

communities of teachers and students from all over france

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these can include massive open online courses

La formation en ligne