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Improve myself.

Have time-managerment skill.

Make more friends.

Achieve high scores in the subjects.

Have a job.

Aplly for the scholarship.

Join at least one club.

future goals

Set a goal for graduation.

Connect with advisors because they can give me any useful information about projects or learning opportunities.

Try to adjust my schedule and allocate reasonable time for subjects.

Consider whether the major is truly suitable.

Academic Plan- Degree Plan

_To clearly define my study plan, having a specific academic plan is necessary_

Careers: Investment Banker, Accountant, Financial Consultant.

Careers: Project Manager, Business Analyst.

Careers: Marketing Manager, Sales Manager.

Careers: : Business Manager, Operations Manager.

  • Code: Organizational skills, attention to detail
  • Code: Strong communication,interpersonal skills
  • Code: Leadership, problem-solving
  • Code: Analytical, financial acumen

Focus Assessment Results

Business Administration

Analytical skills

Analyze data appropriately to extract information and give conclusions from the data.

Time management skills

Maintain productivity in a fast-paced, busy environment.

Technology skills

Applications and data processing software.

Communication skills

Communicate and exchange information with relevant departments.

Market research

Occupation Research

After conducting an interview, I can gain several types of information:

- Graduate degree requirements.- Business knowledge: I can learn the candidate's level of understanding of important aspects.- Skills needed for business-related jobs. - Find what I like about this major: Creative freedom, have the oppotunities to meet people.


- Disseminating study programs to students.- Help me know how to connect with my advisor. - Help me orient my career or major when I get confused.- Provide informations and guidance to help me better understand the university environment.

how did these guest help me connect with A-State?

Guest Speakers

  • Participate in social and volunteer activities.
  • Participate in some activities related to singing.
  • Join the club to apply for sponsorship for school events.

Skills :

  • Had communication skill
  • Able to be under pressure
  • Be friendly

A small restaurantIn Viet Nam

Summer 2022

A coffee shopIn Viet Nam

Fall 2021

  • Had to be patient
  • Knowed how to solve problems
  • Time - managerment skill
  • Arkansas State University
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Major: Business Administration
  • Minor: English


Address: 125 Dean St, Jonesboro, AR(516) 547 - 7531Email: thithutr.truong@smail.astate.edu
  • Struggle with second language.
  • Live far away from home for the first time.
  • Have more friends.
  • I'm trying to improve english.
  • Want to join a club in the future.

First Year/ Semester

how did it go?

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