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How to Create a Transition Activity with Embedded Learning By Kristy King



Specific skills and concepts of activity

  1. Follow directions
  2. Recognize the beginning letter of first name
  3. Take turns

Identify learning Objectives: What specific skill or concepts you want to teach

  • Listen for your name to be called
  • Choose the beanbag with letter that is first letter in your name
  • If child has difficulty locating letter, they are encouraged to ask peer for help
  • Toss beanbag into basket
  • Go line up.

Activity Name


Children are encouraged to follow directions, listen for their name, take turns and recognize the first letter of their name.


Activity Evaluation and Reflections

  1. Review Objectives/Goals for the Activity
  2. Talk with teachers and children who participated and how they felt about it, if they enjoyed it and if they learned anything.
  3. Review the data from observations to see how well the children did recognizing the beginning letter and following directions to take turns.
  4. Identified what worked and what didn't. Were children engaged, were they able to follow directions and what areas could be improved.
  5. Make adjustments as needed based on the feedback and results of the data.
  6. Take notes: Write down your reflections and any changes you made to the activity.
Following these steps will assist in evaluating the activity and help to make informed decisions to enhance chioldren's learning experience.


putting it all together: designing engaging transitions with embedded learning

  • Incorporating learning opportunities into transitions greatly enhance student engagement and retention of key concepts.
  • Aligning transitions with curriculum goals and utilizing interactive techniqus, teachers can create a more seamless and effective learning experience for students.
  • In doing so we can empower teachers to design transitions that not only facilitate smooth classroom management but also foster continuous learning.
Let's continue to support teachers in their journey to create meaningful and impactful transitions


Thank you for your time and considerationkristy king

November 29, 2023