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All About an Apple Watch

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Overview ofTheApple Watch

How to Use An Apple Watch in the Classroom

How are Apple Watchesbeing usedwith Students?

Articles About Apple Watchesand Autism

Watch this video for a general overview of some of the features of an Apple Watch.

Watch the videos above to find out how apple watches and smartwatches are being used as assitive technology tools for students with Autism.

Articles about the use of the Apple Watch for Autism


Click on the links below to read articles about the use of the Apple Watch and students with Autism.


Article 1

Article 2

Using an Apple Watch in the Classroom

Students with Autism can benefit from many of the features of an Apple Watch being used as an assistive technology device. The Apple watch can be linked to many other apps that are used to help students stay on task and organized. It can provide an alternative and descrete way to provide accomodations to students who need reminders to stay on task, redirection, and timers. Apple watches can give students access to apps such as breathe to help reduce stress, as well as help students refocus when feel overwhelmed by their enviroments.