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By Grant Squires

Climate Change in Miamai, Florida

PRECIPITATION: The risk of potential rainfall is higher as climate change increases. Warm air holds more water vapor so the amount of rainfall will decrease about 2 inches each year but the possibility of extreme rainfalls is greater.
FLOOD: By 2040, sea levels in Miami are expected to rise about 10-17in; 175 out of 181 census tracts in Miami are at risk of storm surge, high tide flooding, surface flooding, and riverine flooding

How has climate change impacted Miami?

HEAT: From 1985-2005, the average number of days per year that people in Miami would experience temperatures of 92.4 degrees or above was roughly 7 days. Now it is about 88 days per year!

  • In some areas, buildings and roads are being raised to combat the common floods that occur especially those on random sunny days
  • Emission levels in Miami are hoping to be cut by 50% by 2050
  • Walls around the rivers and streams are being raised to handle the increased water levels that result from storms
  • The US Army Corp of Engineers proposed a $6 billion 20ft wall along the Biscayne Bay to help block of storm surge and reduce flooding

What is currently being done to to help combat or remedy the situation?

What effects does it have globally?

How does this affect the region around it?

Where else in the world is experiencing a similar form of climate change?

The extreme amounts of greenhouse gases and CO2 gases being emitted into the atmosphere are warming the earth at a very high rate. As a result, poor health, horrendous weather events, forced displacement, and easy access to sufficient foods because of destroyed land are all major effects of climate change around the world .

Sea levels in New York City are expected to rise between 8 inches and 30 inches by the 2050s causing many areas to take immediate action. Rising sea levels puts lives at risk prohibits access to water, food and healthcare

New York City is in a very similar, tight situation. Sea level rise is the main threat to both Miami and New York City.

Climate Change

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