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Teacher Librarian


Library Information System

Library Catalog

Library Systems to Know

The OPAC is the online public access catalog. Students can use the OPAC to help locate books in the library. Anyone can access the catalog. It can be found on the Library website

Online Public Access Catalog


LIbrary Catalog

  • Fiction
  • Author's last name
In the Library
Checked Out
  • Shelves along the walls
  • Authors last name
    • A starts by the doors
    • A-H on front wall
    • H-Z side wall
Fiction (FIC)
741.5 are located in the Manga and Graphic Novel Section
  • Center Stacks
  • By number

Insignia is the system that is used to check books in and out of the library. All Library Sciences students have access to the system through Canvas and can assist in the process. Ms. Cruz also has access and can help with questions.

Book checkout system


LIbrary Information System

I hope the information was helpful!

If you still have questions feel free to ask the Library Science students for assistance. Or, if it is something bigger, please ask Ms. Cruz.