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West Village


Upper East Side


Carrie's Apt. - 66 Perry Street This is where Carrie has rocked hundreds of iconic outfits. Where she seeks solace from the hustle and bustle of the city. Where she writes for her sex column. And where her closet of rare beauties reside.

Tiffany & Co. - 727 Fifth Ave. Only a classic Tiffany's ring belongs to a classic girl, like Charlotte York. While her marriage to Trey might not have last, she got her perfect ring in the end -- a 2.17 carat round brilliant diamond.

The Plaza Hotel - 768 5th Ave. Although this is where Big holds his engagement party to Natasha and where Carrie witnesses them together for the first time, the crushing news is softened by her simple yet breathtaking white dress.

The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center - 30 Lincoln Center Plaza When "the Russian" went overboard in romantic gestures, he whisked Carrie away to McDonald's. But we weren't mesmerized by his romance or the architecture of the Opera house, it was her darling dress that caught our eye.

The Loeb Boathouse - E 72nd & Park Drive North Before Carrie was met with her tragic fate of falling into the boating pond, we were able to catch a glimpse of Richard Tyler's floral ruffle dress from resort 2001 out in daylight.

Manolo Blahnik - 31 W 54th St. It was last reported that Carrie spent a total of $40,000 on shoes and as we all know, a significant portion of it was used on the one and only, Manolo Blahnik's. The shoe that she made a household name out of might cost her a place to live, but at least the genuine silk and leather will keep her fashionable.

New York Public Library - 476 5th Ave No one could forget the moment Carrie put on this bold and outrageous wedding dress! With all the commotion surrounding the dress, we've forgotten that she debuted this masterpiece at a beautiful public library.

Cafeteria - 119 7th Ave Have you ever wondered where the girls go to dish about their love life? Or where Carrie sported this timeless form fitting dress that blew all of our minds? Well, here's the answer!

Magnolia Bakery - 401 Bleecker Street After a quick appearance, this bakery became flooded with SATC fans demanding to try the cupcake Miranda and Carrie shared outside the shop. In response, the bakery came out with a cupcake inspired by the show.

Stanhope Hotel - 995 Fifth Ave. It might not be a hotel anymore, but it was once where Carrie and Big began their affair. Despite this distasteful association, a bar has opened at the current residence with a cocktail in honor of the show. It is of course Carrie's go-to drink order, a cosmopolitan.