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By: Brittney Adams

Google Forms


  • Overview
  • How to access
  • Creation
  • Conclusion
Table of Contents

What is a Google Form

A Google Form is an online survey and data collection tool provided by Google, allowing users to create customized forms for various purposes such as surveys, quizzes, or feedback collection. It enables easy distribution, response collection, and analysis of the gathered data through a user-friendly interface.

  • Open a web browser and go to www.google.com/forms
  • Access it through Google Drive.
  • Sign in to your Google account if prompted.

How to access

Creating a New Form

Click on the "+ Blank" button to create a new form.Give your form a title and add a description if needed.

Click on the "+ Add question" button to start adding questions to your form.Choose a question type from the options available, such as multiple-choice, short answer, checkboxes, etc.Customize each question by adding options, required status, and help text.

Adding Questions

  • Multiple-Choice: Allows respondents to choose one option from a list of predefined answers.
  • Checkbox: Enables respondents to select multiple options from a list.
  • Short Answer: Allows respondents to provide a brief text response.
  • Paragraph: Similar to short answer but allows for longer text responses.
  • Dropdown: Provides a dropdown menu of options for respondents to choose from.
  • Linear Scale: Enables respondents to rate a statement or item on a scale.
  • Multiple-Choice Grid: Provides a grid of options where respondents can select one option per row.
  • Checkbox Grid: Provides a grid of options where respondents can select multiple options per row.
  • Date: Allows respondents to select a date from a calendar.
  • Time: Enables respondents to select a specific time.
  • File Upload: Allows respondents to upload files or documents in response to a question.
  • Remember to choose the question type that best suits the information you want to collect from your respondents. You can always mix and match different question types to create a comprehensive and engaging form.

Types of Questions

Use the drag-and-drop feature to rearrange questions.Group related questions into sections for better organization.

Organizing Questions and Sections

Google Forms allows you to customize the theme of your form to match your preferences or brand. Click on the "Theme" button, located at the top right corner of the form editor. You can choose from a variety of pre-designed themes or customize the colors, fonts, and background of your form.



  • General Settings:
    • Collect email addresses: When enabled, this option requires respondents to provide their email addresses. It can be useful for verification purposes or sending notifications.
    • Response receipts: Enabling this option sends an email receipt to respondents after they submit the form, providing them with a copy of their responses.
  • Presentation:
      • Confirmation message: Customize the message respondents see after submitting the form. You can provide a simple thank you message or include additional instructions.
    • Show link to submit another response: Enabling this option displays a link at the end of the form that allows respondents to submit another response.
  • Quizzes:
    • Make this a quiz: Enable this option to turn your form into a quiz, allowing you to assign points and provide correct answers for each question.
    • Release grade: Choose when to release grades to respondents, whether immediately after each submission or at a specific date and time
  • Restrictions:
    • Limit to 1 response: Enabling this option restricts respondents to submitting only one response.
    • Collect email addresses: Similar to the general setting, this option requires respondents to provide their email addresses for verification or tracking purposes.
  • Response validation: You can set rules to validate responses, ensuring they meet specific criteria (e.g., a specific format for email addresses).
  • Respondent can:
    • Edit after submit: If enabled, respondents can go back and edit their responses after submitting the form.
    • See summary charts and text responses: Enable this option to show summary charts and text responses to respondents upon submitting the form.
  • These settings allow you to customize the behavior and functionality of your form, ensuring it meets your specific requirements and preferences. Take advantage of these options to tailor the form experience to your needs.
  • Responses are automatically collected and stored in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • Access the response data by clicking on the "Responses" tab within the form.
  • Utilize the response data to gain insights and analyze results.
  • Use Google Sheets or other data analysis tools to interpret the collected


  • Click on the "Send" button to share the form with respondents.
  • Choose from various sharing options: sending via email, generating a link, embedding on a website, or sharing on social media.
  • Share the form with collaborators to allow them to edit and contribute.

Sending the Form

  • What is differentiation in technology using google forms
    • Differentiation in technology using Google Forms involves customizing and enhancing the platform to meet specific needs. This can be achieved through personalized form designs, utilizing various question types and logic, and leveraging add-ons and extensions. Additionally, collaboration options, data analysis features, and integration with other Google tools further differentiate the use of Google Forms.

Further Information

  • How do you use google forms in your classroom?
    • In your classroom, you can use Google Forms to create online quizzes, surveys, or assessments to gather student feedback and assess their understanding. Additionally, Google Forms can facilitate data collection, allowing you to track student progress, analyze responses, and provide personalized feedback to support their learning.
  • What resources are available ?
    • Youtube, Google Help Center, Google Workspace Learning Center, Online Training Courses

Google Forms is a versatile tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and gathering data.Start creating your own forms and exploring the possibilities!

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