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Michelle PoniewozikIDT 6500: Instructional Systems DesignProfessor Shelley Walltonen MooreFall 2023

Purposefully preparing Learners for Promising Futures

Authentic Assessments

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Have you ever considered the impact assessments have on a learner's future?

Incorporate the 4 components of an authentic assessment into an original assessment

Recall the 4 componnets of an authentic assessment

At the end of this instruction you will be able to...

Learning Outcomes

Authentic assessments are paving the way for educators to holistically prepare students for promising futures!

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Can you think of a class that prepared you for the real-world? Please visit my Padlet page to share your experience!

Think Break

"An assessment requiring students to use the same competencies or combinations of knowledge, skills and attitudes that they need to apply in the criterion situation in profesional life."

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Authentic Assessment


An assessment has high-fidelity when "The task and the conditions under which the performance would normally occur" are present in the assessment.

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Increases Interest, Engagement & Awareness


Enhances Employability of Candidates


Improves Knowledge, Skills and Attitude



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Please watch this 48 second video to hear my story.

IDT 6500 is a prime example of Authentic Assessment

Your turn!

Please take a moment and reflect on your experiene with this class assignment as an authentic assessment. Please click on the radio button to access my Padlet page to share your story.

Job Aides

The following resources are available for your use and support. Please click on the interactivity button or download from our course assignments webpage in canvas.

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Please click on the link below to access the Google Forms assessment. Tip: The 4-components job aide will be helpful! I will provide feedback on your responses. If you have any questions, please reply to my post on the assignment page in Canvas.



"Nothing that we do to, or for, our students is more important than our assessment of their work and the feedback we give them on it."


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