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African American History in Bexar County

Inter Racial Mixing Was Common

Many individuals in Bexar County had African ancestry which became noticeably prominent due to the baptismal records of a local Catholic Church which indicated the presence of many mixed race children who were labeled as "mulato", "lobo", and African.

Bexar County Did Not Rely on Slavery

The presence of African Americans and their descendants were key to Bexar County's successful history, but was not necessary in terms of slavery. Due to the absence of economic and agricultural activities, there was no need for forced labor since it was considered not profitable.

Limited Rights for Free and Enslaved African Americans

San Fernando Baptismal Records, 1790-1820Children of African Descent




Slaves in Bexar County encountered many challenges while living in the South including:

  • Prohibited from carrying weapons
  • Illegal to sell alcohol to slaves
  • Curfew of 9:30 set by San Antonio in 1850 for slaves

Common Occupations for Enslaved Men and Women

In the South, different slave owners required different forms of labor from their slaves. Depending on the occupation of the slaveholder, an enslaved man or woman would need to meet the needs of an accompanied role. In the chart below, we can visually depict how many slaves a large slaveholder had based on occupation.

Migration of African Americans to the City

Once African Americans became emancipated, many migrated away from rural areas and into the city. The number of nonwhite individuals in rural areas dropped drastically while the nonwhite population in San Antonio rose.

African American Residential Segregation

Due to the large increase in African American population during the 1870s, San Antonio began practicing residential segregation. Population was split into four separate wards based on types of occupations.

Success of Bexar County

Thesis: This infographic displays data pertaining the history of African Americans in Bexar County. The purpose for this graph is to educate readers on the importance and the legacy of African Americans.

Stuff to include:

  • At least 5 different topics
  • Data on each topic
  • One place in your infographic for your thesis


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- African Americans were key in Bexar county history.- bexar county did not rely on slavery -- not profitable- no agriculture or economic activities happening- inter racial mixing was common- Hendrick Arnold- slaveholders ranged from one slave to over 16 owned- limited rights for slaves/african Americans- emancipation for African Americans resulted in population changes