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Brand Story

  • Isabel Toledo was born on April 9th, 1960
  • She described her work as “romantic mathematics” and was happy that her designs could find a wider audience through her work with Anne Klein and Lane Bryant.
  • Toledo thought of herself as a seamstress or a tailor rather than a “fashion person”. She worked with a small team and her House of Toledo never became a megabrand. Her life project ended in 2019 when she passed away because of breast cancer.

Isabel Toledo was a Cuban-American fashion designer based in New York City. widely recognized in the fashion industry for her attention to craftsmanship and the "sophisticated simplicity" of her garments.

Final Project

Author: Carla Piminchumo (Merchadising)Author: Jahanna Green (Design)


Isabel Toledos's brand reached its peak on 2009, when Michelle Obama wore a lemongrass wool sheath and coat by Toledo to her husband’s inauguration

Isabel Toledo's brand often appealed to a demographic with a sophisticated and cosmopolitan taste; typically individuals with an appreciation for artistic and avant-garde fashion. Toledo's designs often appealed to those who valued unique, sculptural silhouettes, a blend of artistry with wearability.

  • Age: mid 20s - mid 30s
  • Gender: Female
  • Marital status: Single
  • Family size: 1-2
  • Income: 100k - 200k per year - Upper-Middle Income Bracket
  • Spending Habits: Vacation, dinner, evening business events, clothing, beauty, wellness
  • Occupation: Marketing, PR, Fashion and/ or Business professionals, corporate office environment
  • Education: Bachelor's degree / Master's Degree
  • Religion: Neutral
  • Ethnicity: American, European
  • Region: United States (NY, LA, MIA, ), Europe (London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona)

Customer Profile



The Toledo girl is bold, feminine, and a fashion statement. She attends frequently evening events like fashion shows, marketing inaugurations, and business dinners; not only because of her social life but her corporate job life. She also enjoys travels and takes care of herself, she invests in her image and presence. She's independent and confident. She likes to wear Proenza Schouler, Zero + Maria Cornejo and Narciso Rodriguez

Blossom Sleeve bolero and Balloondress, spring/summer 2005 Garnet silk paper taffeta, chiffon

Diamond Draped bodice dresses,finished and unfinished, fall 2005White rayon jersey

Trend research

Toledo is often described as a "designer's designer" and a "cult figure in fashion." Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein calls her an "incredible talent," while Narciso Rodriguez praises the "unique beauty" of her creations, adding that "she is, by far, the designer I admire most today." Toledo does not sketch, as most fashion designers do; instead, she use construction as the point of departure for each of her designs. Each nascent idea begins as a three-dimensional vision that evolvesl as Toledo manipulates fabric and cuts patterns. She works closely with her husband to give her visions shape, gesturing to show how a fabric should fall. "I think of it as fashion from the inside out," she has said. "I can describe an idea or even a feeling to Ruben, and hell sketch it."

(L) Hermaphrodite dress, circa 2005, Garnet silk taffeta (R) Cocoon Sleeve gown, spring/summer 1998Taupe silk taffeta

The new Isabel Toledo is sophisticated, inspired by the timeless elegance and innovation of the designer. This new beginning blends classic and contemporary design elements to create a line of evening and business classy clothing. Committed to empowering women with confidence through crafted, high-quality garments, characterized by a fusion of modern sophistication and unexpected details.

The new Isabel Toledo

Long-term colour S/S 25, A/W 25/26 and beyondCarried over from last season, our long-term palette encourages timelessness. It features a range of neutral tones designed to be seasonless core basics. They work as foundational hues across genders and categories, and can be used to ground seasonal updates. Their consistency helps tie seasons together, encouraging consumers to shop with a long-term mindset.


  • Isabel Toledo 1800$ - 3800$
  • Narciso Rodriguez 1300$ - 3500$
  • Proenza schuler 1000$ - 3000$
  • Zero maria cornejo 500$- 1500$
Affordable Luxury Market

<<Isabel Toledo would be positioned as a slightly more elevated option than its competitors implying a higher perceived value, emphasizing the brand's commitment to accessible luxury and quality craftsmanship >>

Brand positioning

Jackets - 2000$Coats - 2200$Trousers - 1800$Dresses -2500$Suit total look- 3500$

Since the collection are made with sustainable fabrics and the designs are focused on craftsmanship the pricing ranges would be:

Pricing Strategy

Pricing Range: 10-20% above the average prices of the competitors

Affordable Luxury


Marketing Strategy

Official WebsiteE-commerce PlatformSocial Media - (Instagram - main channel)

  • High-Profile Influencers
  • Sustainable Partnerships: Collaborate with eco-friendly brands for accessories or sustainable materials. Ex. Stella Maccartney

Exclusive Events: Private events for VIP customers, influencers, and collaborators to showcase new collections.

Marketing Strategy


  • Artistic collaborations with prominent artists to create limited-edition pieces or exclusive prints: contemporary artists like Yayoi Kusama


Boutique: Located in key fashion capitals, our flagship stores offer an immersive experience aligned with the brand's elegance and innovation.

  • Location: MOMA, New York
  • New York Fashion Week 2024 - Spring Collection
  • Guests: Collaborators, Influencers, industry professionals
  • Social media interaction through hashtag event #toledogirlback
  • Coverage - Social media / Vogue Magazine
  • Follow-Up Campaign

Marketing Strategy


Located in the key fashion cities (where our customer live, work, or travel) the Boutique would give them access to Toledo's unique experience.



  • London
  • Milan
  • Paris
  • Barcelona


  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami

Distribution Strategy


Website & e-commerce as the main platform for salesshipping for USA - Europe

E- commerce

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