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Principle: Balance Images with symmetry have a balanced weight which can create unity or stability. Here, the symmetry of the towers and mountains balance the weight of the foreground and background, creating more unity between the two. The towers of the building stand out without being jarring.

Consider what is foregrounded and backgrounded, what is in focus and blurry. From this, how does this technique emphasize certain details?In this photograph, the building is foregrounded and in focus, while the landscape in the background is blurry.This guides the viewer's gaze to focus on the building itself and its many details.

Element: Focus & Framing

Element: Framing and Cropping

Here we want to consider how closely the photo is cropped to the subject, how much background is present, etc. In other words, does the photograph feel crowded or spacious? What might lie outside the photo?​While the camera shot is a long shot, showing some landscape, the building takes up the entire frame from side to side. We don't know exactly where this building is, but with only the mountains in the background as reference it feels more isolated. This enhances the unity of the photograph, as it aligns with the image of the abandoned building to create a sense of desolation.