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Climate change can be felt all across India. From the coast to the most northern parts.

India is rapidly evolving their economy and society. However, they face a massive climate crisis that could destroy the progress they have made.

In the icons to the right I have included more information on the imapacts and solotuions to the problems.

Water Way Pollution

Recycling Efforts


Heat Crisis

Indias Autocrisis

Caring For The Enviorment

Becoming Greener

Green Energy Efforts

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  • Nuclear Power is green but also "green"
  • India might not be able to contain a nuclear meltdown
  • India has shown their capablity of handling a nuclear program for the good of their people

Indias Nuclear Program

India has show great strides in their nuclear program and their desire to leave behind the coal power plants that account for 55% of the countrys power. However this power while clean does come with its own problems such as the highly radioactive matieral. That is produced by the reactors.

  • The waste is so bad that alot of water and soil is contaminated with the waste
  • India has proposed altering plants that can eat and filter out the harmful pollutants

The Recycling Effort

India has a crisis on their hands when it comes to waste. The waste im reffering to is not the normal waste we think of. The one waste that India has alot of through illegal importation and is causing a massive problem is electronic waste. However India has made strides to solve this problem and create a sustainable recycling program for electronic waste.

  • India has made strides to correct the problem but still has much work to do
  • This is causing a crisis for the enviorments for not only humans but also for animals that live around the contaimanted water and drink it.

Indias Polluted Water

India has a major problem with water way polloution. While many companies and the government have initated plans to stop pollutants making their way into the water ways. There is still a large portion of the waste generated by the population making its way into the water ways.

  • India is trying to cutdown on global greenhouse emissions
  • During the COVID-19 lockdown people were dying of air pollution as much as they were to COVID

Indias Killer Heat

Almost every couple of years it makes new headlines around the world. The main issue is due to the greenhouse gases that the contry emits. Traps the heat that it generates in the lower atmosphere thus raising the tempeuture of the surrounding areas. That is also why India has such poor air quality is due to all the pollution that gets trapped against the ground.

  • India has made efforts to establish sea walls and raise the area around the coast
  • India is using sattalite images to help everyone understand the risk of climate change.

Making Things Greener

Indias strive for greener technology and greener living has created a movement for those who are at the most risk. Mainly along coastal cities from water level rising we have a humaniatarian crisis of millions being displaced. This along with the already cramped living conditions of the country has put an immense strain on the government and the citzens.


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  • India does not have the electrical grid to sustain a EV car market
  • More fuel efficent cars have been created but will not offset the damage

India Autocrisis

India is having to rapidly urbanize to keep up with the demand on public infastructure. However this is also a leading factor in greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles.