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Impacts of climate change

The Climate Change in Haiti

Haiti is a country that can be found in the Carribean just off the east coast of Cuba. This country is known for its tropical climates with average temperatures resting between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit year round. It has mountains all throughout and clear blue oceans. But, with an increase in carbon emissions and deforestation, the land has undergone some major remodeling

Fun fact

Hayti means " land of mountains" in the indegenous language and the country is the most mountainous area in the carribean region.

Haiti experiences severe hurricane and flooding seasons from June to November and has had some of the most disastrous storms in history leading to droughts in the off-hurricane months. This has led to an incredible decrease in crop yields, and with Haiti being one of the poorer countries of the Caribbean, the residents rely heavily on agriculture which contributes to 22% of the GDP compared to America's 5.4%. Many note that deforestation that began heavily in the 1980's has led to an increase in natural disasters. Deforestation also has forced wildlife to relocate, adapt, or die off which also negatively effects the ecosystem of the country.

What's being done

While some programs such as the EWS and PNAP were implemented in the mid-2000s to counteract the flooding, it was an inadequate long-term solution. Many other solutions have been tried since the 1990s but due to lack of funding and government turmoil, it is difficult for residents to turn around the effects of climate on their country. However, one tactic being used is the INDC ( Intended Nationally Domestic Contribution) states that Haiti commits to reducing its carbon emissions by 5% by 2030 according to the USAID. More tree-like plants such as bananas and coffee are being planted to counteract deforestation and increase crop yields.

Who else is experiencing this

By hopping over right nect door, Cuba is another country experiencing the same climate issues as Haiti. Just like my researched country, Cuba is right in the zone where Hurricanes are most likely to occur. With its warm water, it is a breeding ground for these horrific storms which lead to floodings that can cause erosion to occur. Deforestation of natural forests also has led to an increase in carbon dioxide levels, and just like in Haiti, the government is in turmoil leaving Cuban residents almost helpless on their own. Many programs and aided funding from other countries have been implemented to help restore the natural habitat and keep climate change under control.