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carl gustav jung

By: Mackenzie Brunell



General Information

Born: July 26th, 1875Died: June 6th, 1961Born and passed in Switzerland

He was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. He did his schooling at the University of Basel and the University of Zürich.He also got married to Emma who he had 5 children with.

He was influenced by Sigmund Freud as they had a professional relationship

Devoted a lot of his life to the workings of psychology's relation to religion as his father was a pastor.

Introvert & Extrovert

4 Functions of The Mind

He focused on the mystical and spiritual side of therapyHe was a very religious figure and had incorporated a lot of religion into his conceptsHis theory of Personality is an important contribution to psychology

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Main focus: Psychoanalysis

Jung's Archetypes

Book: Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Jung His ideas led to him looking into the development of personalities

Book: The collected works of C. G. Jung volumes 1-19 – by Jung which was edited and translated Collective unconsciousness – he says that there is a deeper layer to unconsciousness, and he termed this as the “collective unconsciousness”

major contributions

"This work sprang originally from my need to define the ways in which my outlook differed from Freud’s and Adler’s. In attempting to answer this question, I came across the problem of types. For it is one’s psychological type which from the outset determines and limits a person’s judgement.”- Carl Jung.

“I have chosen the term ‘collective’ because this part of the unconsciousness is not individual but universal; in contrast to the personal psyche, it has contents and modes of behavior that are more or less the same everywhere and in all individuals.” - Carl Jung

  • Wrote a book about UFOs
  • Was interested in the Occult
  • Would cause himself to hallucinate in order to explore the unconscious
  • Took religion and incorporated it into the unconscious, said there was a lot of meaning with the relation of psychology and religion.
  • A good friend of Freud's at one point and was in contact with him for many years.

Interesting Facts

Years later, he sends another letter to Freud speaking about the affair

Sabine also wrote a letter about how he was her doctor, friend, then "beloved."

Sabine was a Russian woman about 20 years old who was having severe mental issues. Jung had asked Freud for an opinion on her as his patient.


A patient of Jung's that he allegedly an affair with

Jungian Psychology Today

1. The Myers-Briggs test: This is the test that uses all of his concepts in order to understand one's personality->This was created to understand one's personality and is still used today. 2. It was said in an article that the Jungian archetypes are used for expert witnesses, this is used for understanding one's "shadow" which is their dark side in order to understand why someone did what they did. 3. He has influenced art therapy due to his ideas of wanting to discover one's self through expression.

4 Functions of The Mind

2. Intuiting: Unconscious reasoning, when one is guided by hunches

1. Sensing: Unconscious reasoning, uses the 5 senses to notice

4. Thinking: Conscious reasoning, when one objectively analyzes things

3. Feeling: Conscious reasoning, when one is sympathetic or sensitive to things


1. Anima: Speaking about the man's feminine side 2. Animus: Speaking about the female's masculine side3. Persona: The mask people wear when they are out in the world - how people "should" be4. Shadow: The dark side of one's personality5. The Hero: Your ego, the need to prove yourself to others6. The Mother: Nurtures and protects 7. The Mandala: The whole self, all your aspects as a whole

He had created the archetypes and had focused on the collective uncsonscious

Someone who is hesitant keeps to themselvesCan be on the defense with others


Introvert & Extrovert


Jung was one of the founders of the terminology of the introvert and extrovert personality traits.

Someone how adapts quickly to any sitiation Forms quick attachmentsHas careless confidence at times