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Effects of Climate change on virginia

Ethan Thompson


how has this impacted virginia

Virginia has experienced temperature increases of 1 degree F this century. Global warming has caused and continues to cause a rise in sea levels of 1-2 inches per decade.The changes are eroding coastal land, causing changes in salinity in waterways, negatively affecting agriculture, causing salinity in soil to increase which will cause forest and farming to be lost in places closest to the coast. The heat increase will cause farms to lose crops statewide. Habitats will be lost for animals in Virginia. Heat and air quality reduction will impact the health of Virginians even more as tthe climate changes.


What is being done to remedy this situation

In 2007 Governor Kaine signed into law Executive Order 59 which established the Governor's Commission on Climate Change.The commission created the Climate Action Plan. This plan evaluated the impact on: natural resources, public health, agriculture, forestry, insurance and tourism. This has brought about state and local legislation and policy to counteract climate change. This is an on-going project.


where else is experiencing similar issues?

The coastal area of the mid-Atlantic states (Southeastern states) as well as essentially all coastal communities are going to be affected by the rise in temperature and rise in sea levels in a similar manner to Virginia.



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