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3. Communication








Strategize & plan communication

Develop & deploy communication

A strong communication framework and execution is a key component of the CM process. Creating awareness is important to overcome resistance, alleviate the fear of change, and get everyone on the same page.Not one communication strategy will fit all.

3. Communication (contd.)

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1. Strategize & plan communication

2. Develop & Deploy communication

You may be required to communicate the scope, timeline, or impact of change, impact of change on work content, job description, training plans to different stakeholders. You will set up communication channels at the Design stage where the first CRP takes place and keep them open until the project is transitioned to the ACE team in the last phase.

Once the communication plan is in place, it's time to: 1. Communicate to stakeholders on scope, timeline, and change.2. Conduct open forums with impacted employees on changes and adoption barriers. 3. Give impact summaries, project status reports, etc. to executives. 4. Communicate solution adoption readiness.

The third activity pertains to communication which is a very important part of the change management process. You will start this activity around the Assess phase and will continue till the last phase, Evolve. But before you start, here is what is needed: 1. Determine stakeholder communities for communication. 2. Create a communication strategy after determining communication requirements.3. Create a communication plan on scope, timeline, potential business changes, and its impact.