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Is he an Auteur? | The Auteur Theory


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5. Auteur - Tim Burton

4. Is Tim an Auteur?

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2. What is an Auteur?

1. About Tim


  • An American Film Maker, Animator and Artist
  • Was once an Animator for Disney
  • 65 Yrs Old
  • Attended California Insitute for Arts
  • First Feature film was 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure' 1985
  • Nominated for an Academy Award for best Animated Feature.
  • Animates in most of his movies


An Auteur is a director who not only directs but helps manage and fill roles in the film.They may do this by being an actor, or editing the film. They assist their team with the work, taking part in many roles not only director.

What is an Auteur?


Interior Meaning - He includes this in several of his films. He uses symbolism and comparisons to show the personality, style and intentions of a character. He also uses visual aesthetics to show meaning.

Personality - He adds his own style to films, making him easy to recognise in a group of other films. Although, most of the films he has worked on / helped worked on, aren't his. An example of this would be Batman or James and the Giant Peach. This means he does not have a Distinguishable Personality.

Technical Competence - Burton shows this through his use of Animation, Art and Directing. He helps with the roles in a film, making him good at several different things. This means he has Technical Competence.

To be classed as an Auteur there is 3 features that they must include in their work:Technical Competence (Good at Everything)Distinguishable Personality (Unmistakable personalty + style)Interior Meaning (Hidden Meaning or Life Experiences)

Auteur - Tim Burton

Technical Competence
Interior Meaning


In my opinion, Tim isn't an Auteur. Most of his films were previously books or comics. Such as Batman or James and the Giant Peach. The scripts are handed to him, rather than him creating it on his own. This defeats the feauture of Distinguishable Personality, the work not being his. Although, he does have Interior Meaning in his films, making them have a deeper hidden meaning by the way he changes them / puts his own style on it. He also has technical Competence, being good at Directing, Animating and Art.

Is tim an auteur?

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