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The courtship of mr lyon

a man gets lost in the middle of no where.He finds a mansion with no one in.HE picks a rose and the host appears.The host is a lion and accuses him of stealing.The man says its for his daughter and agrees to bring his daughter to the lionThe man leaves his daughter with the lion but later tells her she has to leave.Mr lyon is distraught but beauty promises to return.She later returns after the lion has shutdown due to his loss of beauty.the story seems to suggest they live happily ever after.


The original beauty and the beast was written in 1740, it was later adapted by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont this adapted version is what the disney interpretation is based off of any where many get their ideas of Beauty and the Beast.

Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve

Original beauty and the beast






Mr lyon


Throughout the courtship of mr lyon there are gothic images. There is also a physical display of an imblance of power, due to mr lyon's immense stature and the miniscule depiction of beauty. The mansion also emphasises this imbalace of power because of its colossal proportions compared to beuaty's clear poverish backgroud.


Depictions of mr lyon and beauty


Carter often uses language to depict the appearance of the beast that juxtapose his actions. This creates a soft aurua that surrounds the beast despite his monsterous looks.

carters use of language

'I could not go hunting, I found I had not the stomach to kill the gentle beast'

mr lyon

'his dark, soft rumbling growl'


'The beast sunk his great head on to his paws. You will come back to me? It will be lonely here'

Mr lyon


Bettlheim said that 'animal groom' stories are created to reassure virginal brides about sex. He also talks about oedipal love which is where a child is in love with their parents

Bruno bettleheim