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  • Remember to stay resolution-oriented by striving to find solutions to the root problems that may be causing the customer to request cancellation.
  • Customers who request cancellation are often frustrated, and the situation can quickly become escalated. It is important to always remain calm and professional and to address these situations by having a conversation with the customer.
  • If the call involves you and the customer talking “at” each other, it will be difficult to find a resolution. To have a conversation, you need to first understand the situation and then ask the right questions.

Cancellation Call Handling Advice

When a customer requests to cancel, the main goal is to understand and listen to the customer’s needs and concerns. Do everything you can to help the customer remember the value of the system and the benefits it provides. *Not installed ROR goes to the ICE Department instead of the Loyalty Department.


  • If there is no NOC, inform the customer they have not gone through the proper, formal process to cancel and they will need to
    • Pay the past due balance
    • Speak with customer relations, who will then inform them of the proper cancellation procedure
  • If the customer is insistent that they have cancelled and refuse to pay, use ownership statements to end the call
    • "I'm so sorry, (customer). I won't be able to help you with (issue) but what I can do is process your past due payment. Would you like to do that? If not, I will need to transfer you or end the call."
  • If the account is not cancelled, tell the customer that you are not seeing evidence the account is cancelled.
  • Search the account for an NOC.
  • "You haven't fulfilled your side of the contract"
    • Apologize
    • Ask the customer what issue they are having
    • Use ownership statements to ensure that we can resolve their problem but will not be able to help them until the account is current
    • Inform them that after payment is resolved, credits could be reviewed by customer service or technical support.
  • "I cancelled months ago"
    • Check the account status. If the status is not "Cancelled" then the contract and account is not cancelled.

Common Responses

Sample Spiels + Rebuttals

  • Issue: Customer has a past due balance on the account and an agent should always try and collect payment or set up payment with the customer before transferring the customer to another department.
    • Response: I do see notes on your account about ongoing issues so it’s very possible that they’d be able to issue a credit. Unfortunately, they are unable to help with that until the account is current. Let’s get a payment plan set up and then I’ll transfer you over to talk to Customer Relations to discuss this further.


  • Issue: Customer is not available, and you are speaking to a different person.
    • Response:
      • Ask the name of the person who answers the call.
      • Leave a message " Can I leave a message "
      • Please let him/her know that we are calling today from Alder Home Security and let her call us back.


  • Issue: Customer complains about our payment system.
    • Response: We apologize for the inconvenience; we are really using a system-generated bill, and you are being billed continuously whether you are using the system or not. Once the issue has been rectified, we can make some adjustments.


  • Issue: Customer wants to remove their auto pay.
    • Response: I understand your concern; however, you did sign the agreement, which said that we would need a card or bank account to enroll in autopay, which you agreed and signed for.


  • Issue: Customer complains about the charges even though the customer is not using the system.
    • Response: Your payment does not depend on the number of times you're using the system, but it depends on the agreed terms and conditions that you have signed in.


  • Issue: Providing Empathy statements while customer complaining of receiving a lot of calls.
    • Response: We apologize for the inconvenience that we have caused, and I want you to know that this is a system generated call and this is based according to the balance on the account.


  • Issue: Cancellation and taking payment, then transferring to another department.
    • Response: I do understand that you want to cancel your account. I apologize but I'm unable to assist with cancellation here at Billing; nevertheless, my understanding is that they will not begin the cancellation process until the past-due balance is cleared. I'll run the payment on your card and connect you with a professional who can assist you. Please confirm your payment, and we'll connect you with an account manager to begin the cancellation process. Is that okay with you?