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DCMS = UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport DST = UK Department for Science & Technology DBT = UK Department for Business & Trade

Can you make out what the country flags that the travellers are carrying have in common?

The red labels are organisational functions, rather than specific division or team names - given our interwoven and matrix ways of working

Our Purpose Statement - Starting with our "Why"

Extending tourism season

As mentioned, there is no one way to read the vision map. If you wanted some guidance, try the following:

  • The foundation (bottom centre): Our values underpinning everything
  • The work (centre): Successful collaboration using the image of a passport (tourism theme)
  • The aim (sides/top background): Getting more travellers to visit Britain

This vision map was co-designed in May 2023 with colleagues for colleagues, with two key aims: 1) To communicate better what the organisation's transformation work is about2) To picture where we are heading together

Why a vision map?

More about our Building Our Future transformation programme here:

What is it for?

There are multiple ways to use the image: Whether you've been with us for long or short, whether on your own or during a group discussion, this is a busy image depicting a busy organisation (think "Where's Wally"). Your eyes might focus on something different everytime you come back to it - you might even spot new details you hadn't seen before.

Wondering where to start?

In late 2022, we published a study that explored "the population of international leisure travellers in a post-pandemic environment in order to inform how to best inspire, convert and delight them".

Our MIDAS study

  • Passion: Fuelled by our enthusiasm and positivity to deliver excellent results
  • Partnership: Empowered to work partners towards a greater aim beyond our own
  • Pace: Delivering innovation through agility, boldness and bravery to take calculated risks

In May 2023, we launched our new set of organisational values that were co-created by colleagues from across all divisions and geographies:

Our organisational values

Sharing your thoughts

For any comments, feedback, or thoughts on where else to add an interactive element on here, please email:people@visitbritain.org[Subject line: "Vision Map feedback"]

The UK has almost 1500 discrete river systems?The country's longest river is the River Severn flowing through Wales and England, with a length of 220 miles/ 354 km. And yes, as you're probably wondering: It is closely followed by the River Thames (215 miles/ 346 km)

Did you know...

As one of our partners in the aviation sector, we recently teamed up with British Airways to produce a series of frequently asked questions from potential visitors - such as this one, "Why travel to Britain?"

Extending Britain's tourism season