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Is Edgar Wright an Auteur?

1. Technical competence2. Distinguishable personality3. Internal meaning

Andrew Sarris said to be an auteur you have to have:

Auteur theory, theory of filmmaking in which the director is viewed as the major creative force in a motion picture.

What is the auteur theory?

Auteurs must be at the top of their craft in terms of technical filmmaking abilities. Auteurs always have a hand in multiple components of filmmaking and should be operating at a high level across the board.

Technical competence

What separates auteurs from other technically gifted directors is their unmistakable personality and style. When looking at an auteur’s collected works, you can generally see shared filming techniques and consistent themes being explored. One of the primary tenets of auteur theory is that auteurs make movies that are unmistakably theirs. This is in sharp contrast with the standard studio directors of the era who were simply translating script to screen with little interrogation of the source material or editorial input.

Distinguishable personality

Auteurs make films that have layers of meaning and have more to say about the human condition. Films made by auteurs go beyond the pure entertainment-oriented spectacles produced by large studios, to instead reveal the filmmakers unique perspectives and ruminations on life.

Internal meaning

  • He has a distinguishable personality as he has created his own style, you can easily tell when it is an Edgar Wright film.
  • He also has technical competence and his films have been received well by critics.
  • Although you could argue that Edgar Wright doesn't have a lot to say I think that movies, that he's made, like Shaun of the dead have a message and theme of growing up and maturing so although he is usually entertainment first i think there is a theme and deeper meaning behind his films.

I believe that Edgar Wright is an auteur as he has all 3 qualities that Andrew Sarris said that an auteur must have.

How is Edgar Wright an Auteur?