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Thanksgiving Edition

For each question, one student in team A and one student in team B face each other.

The first one who hits the buzzer can give his or her answer. If it is a good answer, his or her team goes first. Each student in team A can give an answer.

If team A give three wrong answers then all the members of team B can talk together to come to an agreement. They can give one answer : if it is correct, they win the round and all the points collected. If not, team A wins the round.

Rules :

There isn't a food combo as tasy as mashed potatoes & gravy. (THE)

Mac & cheese 27

Chips & salsa 20

Ketchup & fries 11

Hot dogs & chili 8

PB & J 34

Due to Black Friday, Christmas presents aren't bought as much during December. (FEWER)

A computer 22

Kitchen gadgets 19

Game systems 18

Toys 15

TV 26

Exercise 33

Eating such a fulfilling meal can put you in a coma. (SO)

Driving 28

Reading 22

Class 9

Watching TV 8

Broccoli 34

Green Been Casserole is as green a food as it can get. (SUCH)

Spinach 29

Lettuce 24

Avocado 5

Asparagus 5

More money 36

People make a lot of wishes using wishbones. (MANY)

Success 27

Health 22

Happiness 9

Relationships 6

Pies are better than cakes.(THE) (AS)

Pumpkin pie 25

Coconut cream pie 14

Blueberry pie 14

Apple pie 33

Pecan pie 25

Potatoes are the most versatile food of them all. (NO)

Mashed potatoes 26

Potato salad 21

Potato chips/crisps 14

Potato soup 9

French fries/chips 30

The pilgrims were very skillful people. They built lots of stuff. (SO)

Hammer 24

Chisels 21

Handsaw 19

Nails 7

Ax 29