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Azka Amer

Global Health PH642

United Arab Emirates

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- Funding the Health System:- Revenue Generation- Sources of funding- Reimbursement MethodsTypes of reimbursement for different healthcare providers- Governing Body and Health PolicyParticipants in the decision-making process and their roles- Cost Containment Incentives Strategies employed: Cost-sharing, preventive care initiatives, etc.- Quality Improvement Incentives Mechanisms in place to enhance healthcare quality - Quality improvement programs- performance metrics, etc.

UAE Part 1


- Coverage within the SystemExplanations for exclusions and the reasons behind them- Stakeholders and Their Interests - List of stakeholders in the system - Analysis of how their interests align or conflict with the system - Health Outcomes - World rankings in life expectancy and infant mortality - Factors influencing these outcomes - Patient/Citizen Satisfaction - Feedback on the health system from citizens - Areas for improvement highlighted by the population

UAE Part 2

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- Overall AssessmentEvaluation of the health system's effectiveness- Comparison with the U.S. system and feasibility considerations

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