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How to Finish a Book

Having difficulty finishing a book that you started? This guide will help you finish that book.

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What next?

When to put the book down

How to set goals

How to find free time

How to pick a book

What are we going to learn?

Why Read?

Before you begin to finish that book, ask yourself: why read in the first place?

What are we going to learn?

In this presentation you will learn many key skills such as: how to pick a book to start reading, develop a method of managing time to read, how to set goals, and when to put the book down. Finally we will answer what to do next.

How can you learn to finish a book?

How to Pick a book

  • Pick a book that interests you, it may sound obvious, but that intial interest could propel you all the way to the end of the book.
  • Pick a book that is short whose length won't intimidate you.
  • Make sure it is not too advanced for you and is at your reading level.
  • Finally, if physical books aren't your thing try an audiobook.

How do you pick a book that you want to finish? Here are some tips to help you pick the right book.


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How to Find Free time

  • Find a break in your day to read. It can be anywhere from 5-10 minutes.
  • Find a space where you can read uninterrupted: your bedroom, the bathroom, on your lunch break etc.
  • Don't stress about reading too little, even a page is progress!
  • Consider listening to an audiobook on a commute, or getting an e-book on your smartphone.

The number one killer to reading is lack of free time. Here we will provide solutions to this problem.

How to set Goals

Now that you've found time to read. Now it's time to set some goals.

  • Try to incrementally read more pages a day.
  • Have an end goal in sight, set up an amount of books that you want to read this year.
  • Use programs like goodreads to monitor your reading progress.
  • Start a competition with a friend to see who can read more!

How to make continous progress on your reading goals

When to put the Book Down

It may sound counterintuitive but sometimes a book just is not worth the effort of finishing and may cause you to burn out. If the book is either too boring, difficult, uninteresting, or not your cup of tea. It's fine to put it down! Just go back to the previous steps and choose a new book that's interesting and now that you've set goals and have devoted free time to reading it will be that much easier to finish reading a book! After all you can't make an omelette without a breaking a few eggs!

When to call it quits with a book

What's next?

After you finish your book, you now have the tools to be able to finish another book, and who knows maybe even another!


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You've finished the presentation! Now go out and read some books!

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